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Feb-28-2010, 11:07am
Comments about changes in the site have died down, so I think it's fair to say things are generally going well. The problems I've had are pretty minor, and some just took a bit of getting used to. There is one thing, though, that no one's mentioned, so I wonder if it's happening just to me. It's the smilies. Nearly half of them aren't working as they used to, and look more primitive than the rest. These are smile, frown, wink, :cool: :mad: :redface: :confused: . Of course this is trivial, insignificant in light of all the improvements (boy, do I like the spell check), but these do get used a lot. Since being understood is an important facet of communication, and inflection is an important part of that process, it would be great to have these restored to their former glory. This change has occurred to old posts as well. Again, since I haven't seen anyone mention this, I can't help but wonder if it's something to do with my computer (which is far from ideal anyway). I'd appreciate hearing from anyone else who's experiencing this, just so I can stop thinking I'm all alone in this and my suffering, however slight, isn't all for naught.:crying:

Jim MacDaniel
Feb-28-2010, 4:25pm
...boy, do I like the spell check...

Yep -- I think that will come in handy here on occassion ;) (dag! I wanted that to be a winking smiley)

Dan Hoover
Feb-28-2010, 8:00pm
as long as i still have this one...:grin:... i'm happy with it...speel check?i didn't reelize there was a spell check..sweet..:grin:.. learn something everyday..

Mar-01-2010, 11:52am
Geez, I hope the crash wasn't caused by the triumphant return of smilies!!! :grin: Thank you, whoever did it and however it was accomplished. :mandosmiley:

Since they were lost I'll reiterate Jamie's answer to whoever responded to Dan's comment about the spell check, which was basically that it was available in Firefox. My response was (and sorry about these posts veering off-topic) is that for me with my IE this was an add-on needed to access the spell-check function available IN the Café program, with the icon at the right end of the top row of icons above the message pane, ABC and a check mark. One great thing about this - Cafe (no accent) appears as an error, and you can add the accent through this function. Little things mean a lot. ;)

Scott, you can close this thread. Mission accomplished. YAY!!! :grin: Speel chek concerns should be addressed via a new thread, as requested; I mention the above only because they came up here and then were lost. Again, thanks a lot for restoring the smilies. Good luck with getting everything else up to speed.