View Full Version : My New Ellis F-5

Feb-27-2010, 8:29pm
Got my new Ellis a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. The sound has all the complexity and sophistication that I had hoped for. I've let a few friends put it through the paces and all agree that the sound, playability and evenness are remarkable.
The sound is absolutely superb and the playability allow fulls access to the marvelous sound. Great work by Tom Ellis.

Oh, and it looks pretty darn good! I tried to take some pictures, but I am evidently lacking complexity and sophistication as a photographer. I am posting what I have, but will have to figure out how to get better pics. Still, I hope the beautiful wood is evident, as well as the absolutely flawless craftsmanship.
Tom was great all the way, delivering the perfect mandolin, as promised.
It is a pure joy to play this mandolin every day. Again and again I am blown away at how fortunate I am to own such a wonderful instrument. Thought I'd share my joy!

R. Kane
Feb-27-2010, 8:42pm
Congratulations, PW,
I feel the same way about mine, about 1 year later. It gets better and better

Feb-27-2010, 8:46pm
Beautiful! I'm sure it sound as good or better, than it looks. Hope it brings many many years of enjoyment.

Feb-27-2010, 9:27pm
It looks beautiful. I have a mixture of happiness for you and envy, all mixed in together. I'm sure I'll get over the envy. Play it with love.

Feb-27-2010, 10:00pm
Congrats, lovely mandolin.

Cheryl Watson
Feb-27-2010, 10:33pm
Congrads, Patrick! Tom Ellis makes some of the VERY best mandolins in the world. Enjoy!

Feb-27-2010, 10:42pm
Congratulations on that beautiful instrument. Every Ellis I have played, including my own, was very special. All except my own, I played not broken in. Mine sounded great when I got it. I did not think it could get much better. So much for my thinking. It got even deeper and fuller. Wait until you hear the tone in about six months. You will be amazed. Tom is a great builder and an even greater person. No small feat.

Chris Biorkman
Feb-27-2010, 11:56pm
Very nice. Love the flowerpot. Tom's mandolins really are something special. I hope you enjoy it like I have enjoyed mine.

Feb-28-2010, 1:32am
Way to go.

Greg H.
Feb-28-2010, 2:04pm
Congratulations! I've only play a few Ellis mandolins, but based on what I have played you may find something different but you won't find something better.

Mar-01-2010, 5:39pm
Thanks all for the positive thoughts! I know i am very fortunate to be playing an exquisite mandolin built by one of America's best builders. Now if I could only take better pictures...

Mar-02-2010, 2:45pm
As I admitted earlier, I really didn't capture the exquisiteness of my new Ellis with the pictures I took. I blame the camera.
Fortunately, I have some pictures that Tom sent me during and at the end of the build process. I'm sure you'll find these photos much better as they do show the beauty of the wood and craftsmanship. I hope you enjoy.

Mar-06-2010, 11:56pm
Enjoy indeed! Love the wood figure and the burst and beautiful french polish finish. That's drop dead gorgeous!

R. Kane
Mar-07-2010, 12:05am
Tom's photographs make the mandolins look as mouth-watering as food.