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Barbara Shultz
Feb-27-2010, 10:11am
Scott, as requested, here's this in a new discussion.

First, let me say a big THANK YOU to you, and all who are helping you, set up, maintain, etc! I'd go crazy without Mandolin Cafe!!!!

I noticed this morning, when checking out social groups (cool new look, by the way), that in the category of groups I belong to, for each group, it says 'last activity' and gives a date, and then 'latest discussion' and gives a topic. When I go to the group, I can't find anything new to correspond with the last activity. Not a big deal... many of the groups I belong to don't have regular activity, so I'll just look at the list of my groups, and only check the ones that look like someone has posted something new. The old way, it seemed that the name of the group would be BOLD if something new had posted.

It also seems that the list of discussions, replies, dates, etc., is inconsistent. For example, in the Weber fan group. It says the latest activity was yesterday at 5:33, but I don't find anything obvious that happened then. When you click on the group itself, At the top of the discussion list is "hi" posted by belerecords, and it says the latest reply is by Riley on 9/23/09. But when you go to it, the original post was on 9/23/09 and Riley replied on 1/26/10. On the second post, it says it's Introduction, posted by me, and last reply by Jill on 4/19/2009. I originally posted it on 4/19/2009, and Jill last replied on 1/5/2010. So, it seems that the date that goes with the 'latest reply' should be the reply date, but it's actually the original post date. Is that the way it's supposed to be? I see that on the regular forum discussions, it is laid out as usual.... the discussion started by the originator with the date, and the reply with the replier, and the date/time of the reply.

As I'm familiarizing myself with what happens when I click on the various things, I clicked on my 'settings' icon, and it opened a page that has, among other things, my subscribed groups, and on THIS page, the name and date/time of the last post is right, BUT it says I'm only subscribed to 6 groups, where on the social group page, it says I am a member of 14 groups. Is there a difference between being subscribed to a group, and being a member of a group? I started 4 groups, and they all show up on the social group page, but on the settings page, only 3 show up (not the song a week, which is by far the busiest group on the planet!)

When you get past this, and are tweaking, could you put a 'reply to thread' at the top of the group discussions (like on the regular forum) in addition to at the bottom? Not a biggie, but I'd like it!

I like the new look!

I've been busy clicking around, and seeing where everything is now... all change takes some getting used to... but it's good for our old brains to learn something new!


Scott Tichenor
Feb-27-2010, 10:32am
There may be some updating needed with the database tools that track some of this. I'll look into it and update some of those, but a few tend to slow down board response time and we've been a little concerned about that. I'd recommend going forward if you continue to see information that is just incorrect as new posts are made, then let's look that over. But some of this sounds like in the move process that some of the information isn't being displayed and that's a result of the move I'm guessing.

If I recall correctly I'd moved that reply function on the old forum software and everyone got used to it so it not being there now would stick out.

Scott Tichenor
Feb-27-2010, 10:49am
I've added a reply link at the top. Might try it and see if it actually works. The previous software version it wouldn't overwrite that but I don't know if updates to this version will retain it. Lots of updates and bug fixes as this is a relatively new product.