View Full Version : Brekke Bridge Adjustment

Feb-11-2004, 10:34pm
Is the original design Brekke Bridge (the one with the wedges and screws), can it be adjusted on just ONE side, i.e., raising the G and D string side to prevent buzzing or is this not a good idea,...would this possibly throw something out of whack in the inside mechanics of the bridge?

Feb-11-2004, 11:03pm
I did it that way on my Bridger. No problem yet and it's been over a year with about 6 string changes. I really think the design is condusive to that type of adjustment.

Feb-11-2004, 11:20pm
Thanks for your reply Dolamon...I have used these bridges exclusively on both my mandos (pre-Gibson) Flatiron F5 Master, Weber Yellowstone...I never really thought about it before, I used these bridges for years... until one of my students ordered the original Brekke bridge from First Quality or somewhere and hers came with that "exploded" view of the parts and how they fit together...she asked me the same question I posted above, when we looked at the diagram that came with her bridge, I could not give her a knowledgable answer... if this bridge was designed to be used "straight across", i.e. same height on all strings or if it could be adjusted on either side like a traditional 'thumbwheel' bridge...

Kinda like when I was a kid...I would have never thought about it unless someone else first suggested it ... like, hey, let that cold water flow back up the rubber tubeing into the hot test tube that was being heated almost purple/orange by the bunsen burner...the thought never occured to me...oh yeah, yep, not a good idea...uh oh, damn...that really made quite the noise didn't it, Mr. Fitz?

Anyway, thanks for your responses and whatever results you notice with your Brekke bridges...

Feb-12-2004, 2:10am
Adjust to your hearts content. The design permits you to raise or lower either end without concern. Great design and my hats off to mr Brekke for his inovation!