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Taylor and Tenor
Feb-23-2010, 7:28pm
During the 1905 - 1906 time period did the Gibson manufacturing facility in Michigan issue more than one style of manufacturer label which had the serial number on it?

I am looking at a Gibson mandolin believed be to from that time period but the label does not match those shown on the Mandolin Archives website from the 1905 - 1906 period. The label looks more like those from the 1930's. The little harp-like insignia is missing from the label in question.

Was there more than one?

Feb-24-2010, 10:00am
Often the label was replaced if repairs were done. The Orville logo with the lyre mandolin would be the original label on one from 1905/06

Big Joe
Feb-25-2010, 10:38pm
It was very normal for them to replace the label with the original serial number. It was also very normal for them to apply a fresh coat of finish on them at the factory when they worked on them.