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Feb-22-2010, 7:46pm
Hi Y'all! First post and first Mandolin. I purchased a new Morgan Monroe MM100-E/SB This is an electric with a bridge pickup and volume and tone knobs. Quality is on par for what I paid. The finish is a tad thick but it's still pretty. I did not pay for setup as I was skeptical of having it done by an internet web site. I work with a luthier so I'll have him do the setup for me. Currently, the bridge is sitting a bit funny and there's a buzz in one of the G strings. Being this is a new mandolin I plan on playing it a few months to let everything settle before I have it set up.

Bought it from www.instrumentally.com. I liked their web site and their price. With the "Ask us for a better price" and an online coupon I paid $345 for it. Took 2 months to get it in as it was out of stock due to Christmas. While I did get replies to my emails I'm not overly impressed with their customer service.

OK, I'm new to mandolins and am really enjoying playing it so far. My goal is to get some songs under my belt and then hit the streets this summer for some street corner playing!

Anyway, here's a pic of me and one of my mando.


Feb-22-2010, 9:15pm
Welcome to the Café and enjoy your new mandolin. I would recomend getting a set up done sooner rather than later. Things should be pretty much settled with it for now. Nothing will slow your progress like a mandolin poorly set up that either buzzes a lot or has an action so high you can't fret easily. Your luthier friend won't steer you wrong.


Feb-22-2010, 9:19pm
Welcome aboard the good ship lollipop, mind the MAS it's contagious.