View Full Version : Hello from Newbie Mandoliner (and video of my mandolin)

Feb-22-2010, 1:31am
Hi Everyone!

I thought I would quickly introduce myself as I'm new to the forums as well as a new player of the Mandolin. For many years (on and off though) I've played guitars of which I have seven, a banjo which I got about a year ago, and I also have an autoharp.

Otherwise I work as a programmer and one of my other passions is photography; I even do a photography series on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, I don't have a photo of my mandolin, but I did create two videos using it. The first is a simple one on how I tune it (and I'm sure you guys can do it much better than I!) and there's one I just uploaded where I play La Cucaracha, which by accident I discovered as I was playing my Epiphone MM-50 about a week ago.

So if you'd like to see (and hear) her, here are those two links (first is tuning vid, second is La Cucaracha):

Anyway, I certainly look forward to exploring these forums in more detail, as I'd like to discover new or better playing techniques, songs and whatever else I may come across. And I have a feeling I'll meet some nice folks along the way too.

Nice to meet you all!

Imre Z. Balint.

Feb-22-2010, 11:34am
If you tune your mandolin with a tuner, then it is out of tune when you fret at 7th fret and compare to the next string, your bridge is probably off a little.

Feb-22-2010, 10:04pm
Hi jimbob,

Thank you for the comment. I'll see if adjusting the bridge will help.