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Feb-11-2004, 8:05pm
On the Nitty Gritty Dirt band
album "Will the circle be unbroken"
there is a Sam Bush mandolin and vocal
arrangement of Lonesome River that is to
die for.
Songs out of D and I think the funky chord
is right after the word blows ( as in lonesome
wind blows ) on the mandolin break. It sounds
like a two or three note chord and is slid into
from a G chord. I cant figure it out. Anyone
familar with this arrangement ? Its not a 7th.

If this arrangement is available for sale, I'd
gladly purchase it ( especially on video )

Feb-11-2004, 11:06pm
OK I listened to the song and I am not exactly sure where the chord is that youre talking about. But if it is where I think it is, it sounds like it is an Fm that slides into a G. You would play it with your first finger barring the 3rd fret of the A and D strings and your second finger on the 5th fret of the G string....then you slide up 2 frets with the same fingering. This might be where you are talking about, but I am not sure. I know there is a part in the solo that this happens, I think. But don't hold me to it. Hope this helps.

Feb-12-2004, 4:13pm
I'm a bit confused.. I listened to it again
and the part I mean may be " shore "
as in sit on the shore and he does a bit of
fast picking from the G down to something else
or either it is some variation of a G chord.
It sounds like he's pretty far up on the neck
on the last two strings possibly.
This is the mando lead with no singing at this
time. He also does a few slides into other chords
at other parts which really lends a bit of
professionalism to the piece. If you know what
hes doing, I'd appreciate trying some form of it
The guys such a master I cant even tell if the
part I mean is from the chorus or what. Its by far
the nicest version I've heard. I didnt realize
he could sing that good as well as play.

** I'm playing at a jam this Sunday and would
love to play even a small portiion of what hes doing.

Jack Roberts
Feb-12-2004, 5:07pm
Regarding a Sam Bush recording:

** #I'm playing at a jam this Sunday and would
love to play even a small portiion of what hes doing.
You and me both, you and me both!

Feb-12-2004, 5:54pm
Yeah, I keep listening to it hoping
some will sink in by osmosis but no luck
so far....... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif

David M.
Feb-13-2004, 12:38pm
Don't have access to mando OR that record right now, but if I remember right, there's a C in it. Could it be a C you're looking for?

Feb-13-2004, 6:23pm
Yeah, there's a slide from C to D
in a part of it but I dont know if its
a full chord but its not at the part I had
reference to.
I may have stumbled on to it. If anyone
else is interersted try fast picking the
high D note on the E string ( 10 frets up )
and at the same time position the index finger
on the same fret on the B note then continue
to fast pick while lifting your finger from the
D note and at the same time put the finger you
lifted on the A string directly across ( 10 frets
this is a G note I think. The E string is now on a
B note and the A string is on a G note ( I think )
From my infamous fooling around on the piano, I
believe It is now a 2 note G chord, ( g & B )but
it sounds really funky, maybe the way its positioned.
Thats as close as I can get. Try it and let me know
what you think. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif