View Full Version : Short Scale Bass = 4-String Mandocello = Sound Clips

Jake Wildwood
Feb-18-2010, 4:12pm
I picked up a set of D'Addario baritone guitar strings the other day and selected 4 from the set to tune my short scale bass in the cello range... what fun! While I love the sound of this bass... it's a Japanesemo Univox Hofner clone like one of these:


...I really like the sound of the cello tuning on it especially. It's quite rich with a lot of sustain and warmth. It'd be very cool to hear something like this in a jazz or classical setting.

Just for specs... scale length is 30"

Here are some clips:
Cellabella1 (http://www.thewildwoodflower.com/box/cellabella1.mp3)
Cellabella2 (http://www.thewildwoodflower.com/box/cellabella2.mp3)
Cellabella3 (http://www.thewildwoodflower.com/box/cellabella3.mp3)

#1 is through a bass amp filter, #2 is through a guitar amp filter... no effects. #3 is simply a clean signal from my mixer.

Feb-18-2010, 4:15pm
Your linky no worky for me. :(

Jake Wildwood
Feb-18-2010, 4:23pm
I just realized I uploaded them in the root rather than the www directory. All set now.

Feb-19-2010, 12:48am
Very nice! What's the nut width like on that bass? Would it be easier to convert a bari guitar? I think the MIK Dano bari I have is 26 or 27 inches, bolt on neck.. Maybe just leave off the low 6th and have a giant five string celloBAss!

Jake Wildwood
Feb-19-2010, 12:29pm
The nut on the bass is like 1 1/4" which makes a nice wide but comfortable profile for chording up and down the neck. The reason I did it on the short scale bass was the string tension gives me super easy action and the nut's a little narrower than on the usual electric guitar.

I'm actually tempted to reinforce the neck and pop some more tuners on there. I'd be very cool to hear a true 8-string mandocello with a 30" string length... very lush, I imagine.

I think it'd be awesome to convert a bari guitar to a five-string going CGDAE -- you could use a 010 or 009 for the high E string.

Feb-19-2010, 8:40pm
Alas (or alack?) the Dano is 30" scale, like your bass, but probably around 2" at the nut.. Hmm..

But wait.. This isn't as complicated as I thought. I've searched for years for Schecter and BC Rich Celloblasters only to find them listed as "funny 5 string baritone guitars." Why not turn the tables? Take one string off any 27+" bari (or, like you, restring a shortscale bass) and you have a "poor man's" Celloblaster! And there are lots of different kinds of baris out there to try, in every price range, from the full-on deth metal to hodad rockabilly.