View Full Version : Don Grieser - Hillbilly Chamber Music

Feb-18-2010, 9:55am
Don Grieser - Hillbilly Chamber Music

Hillbilly Chamber Music is the title of a new project of all-original music composed and performed by Don Grieser.

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Feb-18-2010, 4:15pm
Hummable melodies. Well played. Beautifully recorded. Nicely mixed. From the trance to the dance - this is good stuff!

Feb-20-2010, 5:46pm
I love this album. I've always enjoyed listening to mandolin family instruments played together and this does a great job. I also really like the feature on bandcamp that lets you download the album right away in whatever format. I prefer having the CD but it's nice not to have to wait for it. I'll be playing it on my radio show Mon night.

Mike Romkey
Mar-01-2010, 2:16pm
Don has my money, and I have his new CD, and I'd have to say I got the better part of the deal. Another excellent effort from Don and something every mandophile should hear.

Barbara Shultz
Mar-02-2010, 4:49pm
Excellent CD!