View Full Version : Looking for info on this mandolin

Feb-15-2010, 10:15pm
I am looking for information anyone might have on this particular mandolin.
Can't seem to find anything that matches it exactly but I've come close.
It's been suggested that it's an A-00. It does match that description, except for the "Gibson" rather than "The Gibson" on the peghead. It is also a flat-back. The original Gibson sticker is gone but the number on the neck block reads "570".
Ideas, anyone? Any information would be greatly appreciated, including approximate value.

Feb-15-2010, 11:46pm
I can be really wrong on this, but I do not think it is an early A Gibson. Reason-well the early A's that I have seen have all been dark stained-dark brown, black. Also the peghead is wrong. The early A's all had the Paddle style not the snakehead design. Plus yours has a truss rod and cover, so that would make it a later made instrument.

Now the folks that REALLY know the Gibsons can jump in and tell me how and where I am wrong.:)

All and all a nice looking instrument.

John Rosett
Feb-16-2010, 1:23am
Everything about this mandolin says 1933 Gibson A-00 except that fingerboard. I've never seen a Gibson mandolin with a fingerboard extention support like that, and I've never seen an A-00 with a bound fingerboard. I think that this little mandolin got a big-time makeover at some point in it's life.

Jim Garber
Feb-16-2010, 10:31am
I agree with John. New fretboard, glued on pickguard and new tuners for sure, looks like it was refinished, too, on the back.

John Rosett
Feb-16-2010, 10:36am
That pickguard might be original. I know I've seen another A-00 with a pickguard like that.

Skip Kelley
Feb-19-2010, 3:04pm
That's a big shim under the fretboard!!!