View Full Version : "Music Makers" luthier exhibit at OAK Intl Aiport through April

Jim MacDaniel
Feb-15-2010, 1:08pm
For anyone flying out ot, into, of through OAK, there is a nice little exhibit there in terminal 1 by the Oakland Museum of California through April, featuring several Bay Area luthiers' work. It is co-curated by Louis Santer and Ervin Somogyi, and mostly features guitars and ukes -- but there is a really sweet Zouk on display built by Santer, pictured below, as well as some really cool basses built by Harry Fleishman.

Overview of exhibit at OAK Museum of CA's web site (http://museumca.org/exhibit/music-makers-bay-area-guitar-and-ukulele-builders)
My Picasaweb photo album (http://picasaweb.google.com/urbanmando/OaklandMuseumOfCAMusicMakers#) (sorry for the poor quality of my cell phone pics)

Skip Kelley
Feb-15-2010, 1:43pm
That's a cool dovetail guitar beside the zouk!

Jim MacDaniel
Feb-15-2010, 8:33pm
That's a cool dovetail guitar beside the zouk!

Here's the backside:

Richard Morrison
Feb-15-2010, 9:47pm
I hear theres a B*njo exhibit down the street at the Greyhound station.

Sorry, couldnt resist :grin: