View Full Version : The MANDOLIAN - steel body resonator mandolin!!

Feb-12-2010, 4:13pm
A cool, loud and not too shiny reso-mando, folks!!!
Perfect for the blues, strong tone that cuts through easily..

Here's a video clip:


It goes very well with my other resonator instruments and my blues, been meaning to have some mandolin tunes on my repertoire! :-)

A mandolin from Republic Guitars in Texas..
Played here by my blues-buddy Lars Åstrand.

Here's the MANDOLIAN! A resonator mandolin!!


I've always loved the mandolin as a part of acoustic blues, gonna play a few numbers during my concerts from now on..



Looks really vintage and used, absolutely wonderful to my eyes, I like the worn and beat-up looks!!


Feb-12-2010, 4:17pm

[b]I'm gonna replace these with some tuners that look the same "age" as the metal body..b] :grin:

Jake Wildwood
Feb-15-2010, 11:47am
That 15 1/4" scale is crossing into mandola territory!

Feb-15-2010, 12:43pm
Sounds good, very different than most mandolins. I guess it's the scale length, it definitely has a deeper(lower pitched) voicing. Would probably work well in mandolin duet's. Congratulations, very way cool Blues shoes.

Feb-15-2010, 2:32pm
Here's me and mine....(Having trouble with pics !)

Feb-15-2010, 2:59pm
Thanks guys!
And yes, the longer scale is kinda interesting, I like the lower voicing!!

Jim Garber
Feb-15-2010, 3:11pm
I think that is the same as the std National scale. They were going for the maximum volume. I found my National style 2 to be a little too shrill with std tuning so ended up tuning down to E with octave strings on the lower two courses. Fits in with the usual blues keys.

Feb-15-2010, 3:32pm
Your looking good with your National Bev. Interesting landscapes as well. Jim is yours an old one or a newer model?

Feb-17-2010, 9:44pm
Does it come pre-dented in the back or is that photo deceiving?


Feb-18-2010, 1:55am
Photo deceiving, no dents in the back but thet's a GREAT idea!!
I'll put some bumps and dents there, LoL!

John Bertotti
Feb-22-2010, 7:31pm
How much brighter is the bell brass body?

You know I really didn't need to see this instrument because for the price and the tone it is very tempting!

Feb-23-2010, 2:34am
The brass bodies are usually more dull or less harsh than the steel body.

I heard this very clearly when I was recording my coming CD, there's both a brass and a steel mando on there.. The brass is much smoother in tone, the steel one cuts through much better and I must say I prefer the steel sound..

Jun-23-2010, 1:47am

Jun-23-2010, 2:43am
Nice! I like a gig where the percussionist works for free.

John Bertotti
Jun-23-2010, 11:22am
Very cool!

Jun-24-2010, 2:05am
Thanks guys!

Jul-03-2010, 1:19pm
What a great clip. Those Swedes' build things to last. I'm also a reso fan- and hey- both of my parents were from Sweden, and I still have lots of relatives there. So, bluesyswede, we've got some things in common.

Jul-03-2010, 1:57pm
Hey Chief!
Thanks for the nice comment!! And how cool it is that you've got your roots over here, where in Sweden did your parents come from?
And do YOU speak any Swedish still?!
If you ever come here to visit, bring your Triolian mando, bro!!!!

Jul-03-2010, 2:16pm
Hey man- my dad was actually a Finn-Swede- was born in Finland, and my mom was from the Gothenborg area, although most of my relatives now live in Stockholm. I was born on the Scandinavian Riviera on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. My parents never taught us Swedish, because they talked in Swede when they didn't want us to know what they were saying. Someday I'll learn. Great to hear from you!

Charles E.
Jul-03-2010, 6:34pm
that steamboat jam reminded me of this....


Jul-06-2010, 4:37pm
And these two:

Jul-11-2010, 3:40pm
That thing sounds pretty great (playing isn't too bad either :) ). Now, I don't know if it's in bad taste to ask- but is this the same basic instrument sold under the Johnson and Recording King names or is this is a special for Republic?

Jul-11-2010, 5:13pm

I'm not sure but my guess is that this is the same guys building Republic (and other brands) that used to build Johnson and similar..
The Chinese factory used to be named AXL, and on some of the Republic cases I have, it says AXL..