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Feb-10-2010, 11:00pm
The Mike Marshall Interview

The Mandolin Cafe's message board members engage one of the most versatile and in-demand acoustic stringed musicians on the planet, Mike Marshall, for this exclusive extended interview.

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Feb-11-2010, 12:36am
That was absolutely fantastic! I honestly don't know what I'd do without this web site! Thanks one and all for very educated questions. Boy! Do I want a lesson with Mr. Marshall. I know he's doing the online thing but has anyone had a one on one lesson with him?



Jonathan James
Feb-11-2010, 5:48am
Great, entertaining, information-packed interview. Thanks Mike for taking the time and Scott for bringing this great concept to life.

Feb-11-2010, 7:02am
@27:15 in the virzi clip.. oh the humanity!

Kirk Albrecht
Feb-11-2010, 9:14am
Really great stuff, thanks Mike! And thanks Scott for the great musical links both audio and video. Outstanding. What a great site this is! I think I will be getting that duet CD with Katatina when it is out!

Kirk Albrecht
Feb-11-2010, 9:15am
Oops - that is Caterina! (sp!)

Ted Eschliman
Feb-11-2010, 9:22am
Amazing interview! Mike continues to be one of the strongest influences in the development of my own mandolinning. What a super musician, and a super human being!

Feb-11-2010, 9:56am
"I would also want to make sure that the company be without presumption and have a great appreciation for music, conversation, good food and good humor. Folks with a lot of wisdom combined with just the right amount of too much silliness. I think this could make for a fine evening."

There is no better evening.

Feb-11-2010, 10:07am
Ted, I thought your question was fantastic, and really gutsy. I had a similar question in mind, but did not submit it because I had trouble wording it gently and in a form that it would be acceptable.

Foregoing some commercial success, and personal success as well, by following diverse interests rather than mining one niche.

And I thought Mike's answer was huge.

One always thinks of these things as a choice, or collection of choices made in life. Mike seems to have the kind of success he wants, not by calculating a nich, but by being himself, and following the music for which he has a personal passion. There is a real strength of character there, that I admire.

Aaron Woods
Feb-11-2010, 12:53pm
I thought reading this article would make me frustrated but I was wrong.

Mike is just an awesome guy who plays, composes and arranges fabulous music.

I'm inspired to practise and to this, I think Mike would be happy.

Feb-11-2010, 5:23pm
I want to be Mike Marshall when I grow up.

Tripp Johnson
Feb-11-2010, 6:29pm
One of the coolest people ever...I also thought that Ted's question and Mike's answer spoke volumes about the man.

I liked this thought that he shared in his answer to charsay's question...

"So, in the end, you make all those little choices along your journey about how to spend your time based on what inspires you and that ends up forming who you are as a musician. Everything is a trade-off I suppose and we have to just trust our instincts and that this will lead us to where we wanted to go."

I look forward to that release with Caterina Lichtenberg!

Marcus CA
Feb-11-2010, 10:55pm
Another magnificent interview! It was fun reading Chris Thile's intro as the kick-off. Also, I really like having the audios and videos embedded in the interviews to give them an added dimension.

Thanks for adding to the treasure!

Feb-12-2010, 7:35am
@27:15 in the virzi clip.. oh the humanity!

I'm still a newbie but this interview was very insightful into the music of one of the (if not THE) best mandolin players today. But I didn't get WHY he busted out the Virzi .. ??? anyone??

Feb-12-2010, 10:25am
Folks, I've corrected a regrettable error in the Gear section of this interview. There's mention of a custom 10-string mandocello being made and the original content had it listed as Michael Kelly. That should actually be Michael Lewis. Huge difference. Change made and our apology to Michael for that. Thanks.

Feb-12-2010, 11:36am
Can somebody please translate Thile's opening remarks? Seems to reference something but what? Reminds me of Hunter Thompson...

Rob Gerety
Feb-12-2010, 12:50pm
Man, what a guy. Inspiring. You feel as though if you met you would be like old buddies in about 30 seconds.

John Kinn
Feb-12-2010, 5:07pm
After a year at the Cafe it's hard to imagine how one spent the time before (ex practising..).All interviews are outstandingly presented (and the sound/picture-clips add another dimension!). A great interview with a great musician. This is THE web site for acoustic string music!!

Feb-15-2010, 4:30pm
Great interview, with lots of super information. Mike is the coolest cat out there!