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Feb-02-2010, 4:53pm
THese are a couple of the mandos I'll be showing at SPBGMA Friday and Saturday. THe Fantasma is available along with an F and an A. Hope to see you there,:mandosmiley:

Feb-02-2010, 4:56pm
the rest of the pics......

Feb-02-2010, 5:11pm
<Kimble pictures posted in wrong thread; please repost>

Scotti Adams
Feb-02-2010, 5:43pm
Im sure there is a Kimble thread you could attach this to..Why hijack this thread? Great looking mandola.

Ken..those are real beauties. Im amazed how you crank out so many great looking and sounding mandos.

Feb-02-2010, 5:54pm
Those are stunning! Great work!

Skip Kelley
Feb-02-2010, 6:48pm
Ken, Those are awesome! Glad to see another Fantasma!

Feb-02-2010, 7:01pm
Lovely instruments all. Weird hijack though.

Feb-03-2010, 7:39am
Hey Kenny ~

Can't wait for the A model to make it's way to Iowa....!
Looks incredible - as I said in my email to you - the two-piece back is simply amazing and I am anxious to hear it.

If any of you Cafe' members are heading down to Nashville for SPBGMA this weekend, stop by Kenny's booth there and give me a hands-on description of the sound of this one if you would.... :) Just be gentle with her .... :mandosmiley: And while you're there you can get on Ken's list.

I could post this in the thread "positive experiences with a builder"... as Ken Ratcliff is top-notch!

Iowa City

Feb-03-2010, 11:19am
Beeee-yoooo-tiful instruments, Ken! That Fantasma has awakened the MAS...

Feb-03-2010, 2:42pm
Man those look really, really good. Ever consider a Fantasma oval?

And whats with the insane hijack/cheapshot?

Feb-03-2010, 2:49pm
I don't think it was a hijack, I think he posted in an existing thread while thinking he started a new one... I've yoinked it from this thread.

Back to the topic... Nice looking again, Ken!


Mike Black
Feb-03-2010, 2:50pm
Wow, the darker one (not sure which model it is) looks almost like an old Vega cylinder back. Very cool.

Steve Sorensen
Feb-03-2010, 3:00pm
The trees they came from would be proud. That's a proper use of great wood!

Jim DeSalvio
Feb-04-2010, 3:03pm

If any of them sound half as good as my Econo Mando, they will be killer. Great work.

Jim D

D C Blood
Feb-05-2010, 7:26am
These and a few others can be seen at Ken's Silverangel Mandolins vendors' booth at SPBGMA right now...fantastic stuff...:grin:

Feb-05-2010, 12:23pm
OK Dave.... sounds like you were at the booth, did you pick on any of the new Ratcliffs....?

Do me a kindness sir ~ tell me about that brown A with the black binding - a description from you or others will make the wait easier.... Iowa is a long way from Nashville and you can't keep a man hanging... :)


D C Blood
Feb-07-2010, 8:01am
Hey Larry, I did spend a very enjoyable weekend helping to man Ken's booth. Everything Ken had on display was fantastic. The A model is great. Bright and deep at the same time, as are all of Ken's creations. As a matter of fact, the stuff he had displayed was so good that two SA endorsers traded in their distressed F models, both of which are fantastic, for different mandolins, one a Phantasma, and one A model with painting and carving. Our booth was in an ideal position, facing the door in the free vendors' area, right next to the Collings and the Martin displays, very high traffic area, Tons of people coming through, trying and eye-ing.

Feb-07-2010, 9:27am
I stopped by the booth as well , I hope some day to be able to produce that quality . Beautifull Work !:mandosmiley:

Feb-08-2010, 11:37am

Thanks for the post and note about Ken's mandolins... esp. regarding the brown A ~ "deep and bright" sounds just right....

I will have a chance to test drive it myself shortly.


D C Blood
Feb-08-2010, 3:20pm
Good deal, Larry. Now we need you to join the Silverangel Social Group...:)

Mark Walker
Feb-10-2010, 10:44am
Haven't been on the Cafe' much because - like much of the country - I've been dealing with snow! Those are beautiful mandlins Ken. I like that tailpiece on the Fantasma! Is that MOP inlay in ebony or something? And attached to what - a Gibson tailpiece under it? Very cool regardless!

Keep up the great work!

Feb-10-2010, 2:32pm
yes Mark, that's one of my "Silverangel" pearl logos over a regular tailpiece, works real good that way.