View Full Version : A Little "St. Louis Blues" for your listening pleasure

Scotti Adams
Feb-01-2010, 8:12am
Alan sent this to me over the weekend.

Pretty snazzy


Feb-01-2010, 8:43am
Pretty snazzy

It is, indeed.

Thanks for sharing, Scotti

Barb Friedland
Feb-01-2010, 9:01am
This is mighty hot stuff!

Skip Kelley
Feb-01-2010, 9:06am
That is awesome!

Feb-01-2010, 12:38pm
Mighty fine pickin' all around.

I always find myself hypnotized by Kenny Smith's incredible right hand, which is the purest essence of economy of motion. Sometimes it seems from a distance that he's not playing what I'm hearing, because my eyes miss some of his more subtle pick movements.

Scotti Adams
Feb-01-2010, 1:52pm
Yea..Kenny is one of my top favs...as are the other players on that clip.

Patrick Hull
Feb-01-2010, 2:41pm
"...I hate to see that ol' evening sun go down.." Said to be one the most picturesque lines in all of American music or literature. Very nice job on a very nice old song. I'll have to go home and give that a try....TRY bring the operative word.

Feb-01-2010, 3:06pm
Nice to see those guys play this old number. Seem to recall an old MWN ish had this tune laid out, need to dig it up.

Jim Rowland
Feb-01-2010, 3:33pm
Wowzers! I love that old tune. One of my aunts insisted that it be played at her funeral. They didn't do it. I'm sorry they didn't.

D C Blood
Feb-01-2010, 8:41pm
Dave Apollon's version of that one is awesome, (as is anything of his)...