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Jan-31-2010, 10:19am
I've buying regals , got the late 30s A first and liked it so much I got 2 reverse scrolls and a nice 2 point.

Jan-31-2010, 10:30am
There, got the pics resized

Bill Snyder
Jan-31-2010, 11:48am
I do not know how good they are but I think the two point Regal is amongst the best looking mandolins built.

Jan-31-2010, 11:50am
Jim, I also picked up a reverse scroll, just to hang on the wall in the local picking hang-out. When it came I put a set strings on it and was surprised.
How do you tell how old they are? And were they low end instruments in there time?

Jake Wildwood
Jan-31-2010, 12:16pm
I, too, have a Regal collection, all from the 1920s... but only one mandolin in the group. They're often a bit underbuilt, but if you set them up and get the tension just right... oh man... they're super "bangs for the buck."

I'll see if I can get a pic of my Regal herd all together later... :)

Jan-31-2010, 3:24pm
How do you tell how old they are? And were they low end instruments in there time?
I have no Idea how to tell how old they are, I was told late 20s on the reverse scrolls ( the one with the cloud tailpiece is a no name and the other is branded sterling) The 2 point I was told early 20s buy the seller and when I bought the A people here on the cafe identified it as late 30s. I think the reverse scrolls were pretty low end mandolins but they sound good with new martin light strings on them. The 2 point seems to be a bit higher quality product. It has the metal plate covering the back of the peg head.

Jim Kirkland
Jan-31-2010, 10:53pm
I have a 30s oval A. All solid wood and extremely light weight. I bought it with a crushed top and loose neck. I rebuilt it a couple of yrs ago and it sure had pop and sweet old time. I took the top off made new braces, and repaired all the cracks. My son in law was keeping it and one day we took it out of the case and the sides had begun to bow out and the top around the soundhole was wrinkled. I just put the top back on today after making a few mods. I will post a pic when it is all back together and give you a report as to the sound. Hardley any $ involved, less than 30, but it has been a great learning process.

Jan-31-2010, 11:17pm
I had a Regal two-point for awhile and agree with Bill viz its comeliness. The whole thing was light as a feather and the top was just about dead-flat. I'm not sure if there ever was much of a cant to it. I've always liked the look of the Papa Smurf style Regals as well, but never have been tempted to get one. Maybe one day if another arch-top version slides by.


Jake Wildwood
Feb-04-2010, 4:54pm
Mick: Judging from my own arch-top reverse-scroll, the sound pretty much reminds me of an oval-hole A-style Gib from the same time. Mine's barely been played since it was built (1930s), but sessions each week are opening it up more and more, so some of the tightness I first experienced is mellowing out. It has tremendous forward energy, though... lots of bark.

Bob DeVellis
Feb-04-2010, 8:59pm
I have a 30s Regal/Dobro resophonic. It has a surprisingly sweet voice and, unlike many of its brethren, actually plays in tune. Compressed resonator cones can wreak havoc with intonation.

Jim Garber
Feb-04-2010, 9:18pm
I always likes the eccentric look of the reverse scrolls. I also like the B&D versions, which, I believe might also have been made by Regal.

Jake Wildwood
Feb-11-2010, 3:07pm
Jim: More than likely. Here's mine:


Feb-13-2010, 1:19pm
Jake, That's the only R-scroll I've seen with an adjustable bridge.

Jake Wildwood
Feb-14-2010, 4:08pm
Jim Garber's B&D post has the same bridge on it.

Feb-14-2010, 5:52pm
The Larson Bros built the same body style (one is pictured in the Gruhn book Acoustic Guitars and other Fretted Instruments on page 100 of my copy). Hubert Pleijseir's book Washburn Prewar Instrument Styles has a circa 1921 catalog picture on page 17 of one of these along with the patent drawing. The design is attributed to Frank Kordick, the president of Regal. Regal was obviously interconnected with Lyon & Healy. I suspect that the Larson instruments might have been an experiment by L&H to see if they could sell an upscale version of the body style. I seriously doubt that Larson would have made it without their permission as they owned the design.

Jul-26-2010, 7:10am
An old thread, bumped to announce that Bob Carlin is working on a book on Regal. I guess it may take some time before it will get out but he informed me that the manuscript will be completed shortly.