View Full Version : Mandolins and Monkeys!! Not Kidding!!

Jan-28-2010, 4:15pm

Jan-28-2010, 4:27pm
Nice. Where are you for this?


Jan-28-2010, 4:31pm
Koh Phagnan in Thailand 3 weeks ago... Brought along a beater and played mostly reggae with the the Thai guys and tried to teach them a bit of Bluegrass too.. Ended up leaving my clip-on digital tuner with the guys as they had never seen one before and thought I was the man who fell to earth... Straight back to the Wesht of Ireland off the plane for a gig and had go and buy another one.. Reckon it's good Karma though..

Scott Holt
Jan-28-2010, 5:09pm
Just curious, what is in that monkey's hand in the bottom picture. Please don't tell me it is what I think it is!

Jan-28-2010, 5:14pm
I gotta say...that's not a very attractive looking monkey. The beach looks nice though!

Jan-28-2010, 5:42pm
Personally I've never been particularly attracted to any monkeys....

The monkey is chewing the end of his tail.. (Don't worry!)

Poor little thing was abandoned by it's parents and taken in by the wonderful lady called Boom and her family. Acted just like a regular human baby, snuggling up in feotal position and passing water on your lap.

Anyhoo we are getting away from mandolin content here :))

Andrew DeMarco
Jan-28-2010, 6:06pm
Kudos to you for leaving your tuner! (It's the small things!)