View Full Version : David Mayfield of Cadillac Sky on Mountain Stage

Jan-24-2010, 2:31pm
David Mayfield of Cadillac Sky made his third appearance on Mountain Stage this past Sunday with a new band Among the Oak & Ash. David was on Mountain Stage show with his sister Jessica Lea Mayfield and then again with Cadillac Sky. Below are two pics from that Mountain Stage show at the Creative Arts Center on the campus of WVU in Morgantown, WV.


More photos at www.myspace.com/mountainstage
show info at www.mountainstage.org

Bill Van Liere
Jan-24-2010, 3:59pm
A bonafide guitar monster.

Jan-24-2010, 4:08pm
He is a monster on mandolin also...

Big Joe
Jan-24-2010, 4:57pm
David is a really cool young man that can PLAY anything and not just bluegrass. Very unassuming and cool to be around. I wish him all the blessings he has coming and he is truly deserving!