View Full Version : New Arches Flat Top - great way to end the week

Scott Tichenor
Jan-22-2010, 5:37pm
Here's the way I like to end the week. I took possession of a brand new Arches FT yesterday and have been so impressed with it in every way. I finally got some time with it this afternoon. A mandolin this fine deserves better than a couple of shots with a cell phone camera but that's all I had time for today and there was enough warmth on the front porch to get these in before sundown. Plays like buttah, and the workmanship is exceptional+. I've seen a fair amount of discussion here that attests to his workmanship, and I heartily concur. I don't know Chris real well but we've traded some emails. I'm guessing from the way this is constructed that he plays well himself. There are important construction details I find that are sometimes missing on instruments because the builder doesn't play, but not on this one.

Enjoy. No financial interest. Chris didn't ask me to post this, and I'm not going to tell him I did :). I ordered, got in line, knew when it was coming and the entire experience was as good as it can be. He can be found at http://www.archesmusic.com/.

And I'm logging off to play this thing and to enjoy a mostly web-free Friday evening.

Jan-22-2010, 5:43pm
Very nice Scott! I've always admired Chris' work and have been eyeing those flat tops myself for some time. Looks like a handsome rosewood back in that photo. Enjoy!

Jim MacDaniel
Jan-22-2010, 5:51pm
Very nice Scott -- congrats on your new baby. I had one of his first flat-tops, spruce over coco as well, and it was an exceptional instrument. (I often regret having sold it, but I get a kick out of knowing that its new owner in Hilo is still playing Hawaiian music on it every day.)

Jan-22-2010, 5:53pm
can't have too many nice mandolins at a good price point... best of luck to Chris!

Jan-22-2010, 6:07pm
Sweet. Pony up the details on the woods, please. I've been a long time Arches fan and like the look oh his new flat top line. I liked the old ones too!


Jan-22-2010, 6:39pm
Alright Scott. Most Excellent! I'm looking forward to checking one out. My new 1915 A4 could never take the place of my F5 but then again my F5 could never take the place of my A4 either.

Jan-22-2010, 6:59pm
What a little beauty - congratulations! And yes please do provide all the details about the woods :)


Chris Biorkman
Jan-22-2010, 8:43pm
Sweet! What kind of wood is the back?

Jan-22-2010, 9:04pm
I own Arches number 4, which is an arch top A5. It is great! Like Mr. Tichenor said, the workmanship is awesome.

Don Stiernberg
Jan-23-2010, 10:33am
will that be your choro mandolin? Irish? Italian? Jazz?

...looks like it's ready for any of the above.

Tripp Johnson
Jan-24-2010, 6:28am
I like!!!

steve V. johnson
Jan-24-2010, 2:04pm
Congratulations, Scott!

Some time ago I had the good fortune to find and buy an early Arches Flat-Top for sale by the original, spruce over walnut, and it was virtually unplayed.

It's a tremendously versatile and sweet instrument and I enjoyed everything about it. It now belongs to a good friend of mine whom I see often, so I still get to play it, and it just keeps
getting better.

I think that Chris's Flat-Tops may become real value classics of this type of mandolin, perhaps comparable to the Collings MT in delivering great sound, construction, value, and player satisfaction.



Chris Baird
Jan-24-2010, 3:28pm
Hi All, thanks for the compliments on Scott's mando.

The back and sides are cocobolo, top is red spruce, and the neck is mahogany.

Scott Tichenor
Jan-24-2010, 7:44pm
will that be your choro mandolin? Irish? Italian? Jazz?

...looks like it's ready for any of the above.

Don, right now it's my go-to mandolin while entering some of the pieces for this O'Carolan class into Sibelius, which by the way, I really like. It makes sense, and you can easily find answers to questions. This mandolin has that great round hole sound that's good for about anything but particularly swing and choro. Or Bach.

Cheryl Watson
Jan-25-2010, 12:18pm
Scott, your Arches mando is gorgeous! Have you had the chance to play the f-hole version?

Mar-20-2010, 3:20pm
NFI but if anyone is looking for one of these The Mandolin Store is getting one in and it's got a great price on it.

Mar-20-2010, 7:14pm