View Full Version : Painting of "Big Mon" thanks to my wife

Jan-21-2010, 11:45am
Just thought I would post these pics of my wife's painting of Monroe. It has a special place on the wall in my study. Glad she puts up with my interests and certainly glad she uses her talents. BTW she is a 3rd grade teacher and loves to do quilting as well. Maybe there is another possibility???!!! A "Big Mon" quilt. Who knows.....

Scotti Adams
Jan-21-2010, 11:47am
Man..thats great!

Pete Counter
Jan-21-2010, 11:47am
Thats Awesome! Your wife is very talented.

Jan-21-2010, 11:48am
Wow, that is lovely in the frame. Did she paint that from a photo? Seem to have seen it before.

That ain't no part of quilting...

Skip Kelley
Jan-21-2010, 12:11pm
You have a very talented wife! That is an awesome painting!

Jan-21-2010, 12:16pm
Yes, she did use the photo that can be searched for on the 'net. She loves to do the sepia tone paintings.

Jan-21-2010, 12:22pm
Wow, that is lovely in the frame. Did she paint that from a photo? Seem to have seen it before....

That photo would be the one the great Nashville photographer Jim McGuire took in 1989.

Jan-21-2010, 12:42pm
Yes, McGuire photo, thanks for the memory jog.

and kindly pardon my lame attempt at humour [That ain't no part of quilting...], I meant no ill respect.

Jan-21-2010, 12:58pm
Hey, I thought it was ok......she would appreciate it as well:popcorn:

Mark Walker
Jan-21-2010, 1:47pm
Very cool! I've got an Aunt who paints in oils. I should commission her to do something similar.

Regardless, that is an heirloom-to-be and priceless from a posterity perspective.
(Dang - that's a lot of $20 words, ain't it?)


D C Blood
Jan-21-2010, 2:25pm
Not trying to throw a "monkey-wrench" into this thread..the painting is wonderful as is the original photo...But would there be any legal problems painting from a copyrighted photo like that, or would that happen only if it were done for commercial purposes?:confused:

Mark Walker
Jan-21-2010, 2:51pm
I'm not an attorney, and didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn last night, but I would think if it's not sold for profit, it's fine.

When I was a teenager, I sketched a photo of John F. Kennedy, and gave it to my Aunt. It was from an 'officially authorized' Presidential photo, and I think she's still got it after 35+ years...

But it's a fair question DC has posed I guess!

Jan-21-2010, 3:08pm
I thought about the same thing after she finished. This is just a personal family thing and won't be for sale. If the "G-men" come after me I'll just tell them "She did it!" It wouldn't look good on anyone else's wall anyway. :)

Jan-21-2010, 4:05pm
No problem BRay......many artists go into museums and copy the masters as a learning process. Just keep it in the family & you'll enjoy it for years to come.
You could even title it "Homage to Bill Monroe and Jim McGuire"

Jan-21-2010, 4:39pm
I REALLY like that idea

Jan-21-2010, 5:01pm
... If the "G-men" come after me I'll just tell them "She did it!" . :)


Hey I see you're from around OKC. Are you going the the BG All Star Jam in Stillwater this Saturday?


Big Joe
Jan-21-2010, 6:09pm
Excellent job by your wife. I love to paint (though I never seem to get the time) and she did an incredible job. My wife is also an avid quilter. Her mother and sister are also. We have an arrangement. When we go on trips I can go to all the guitar (or mandolin) shops, gun shops, or fishing shops I want... as long as she gets to go to an equal number of quilt shops. I have spent many hours reading while she was in her quilt shops. Then she spent many hours quilting while I was in my shops :) .

Jan-21-2010, 9:51pm
Thanks Big Joe, I kinda do the same thing. A lot of times I will just bring the mando with me and sit out in front of the stores and play while she is inside. Works really well at flea market stores!

GVD = "Hey I see you're from around OKC. Are you going the the BG All Star Jam in Stillwater this Saturday?" For some reason I hadn't heard about it, I'll check it out and see if I can get there.

Bertram Henze
Jan-22-2010, 3:56am
My daughter is painting from photos quite often, and she's good at it. I wonder, if I have a photo made of me and my OM... :redface:

Jan-22-2010, 9:42am
Yeah, that picture was the inspiration for this from the "Best of the Mandolin Cafe Haiku"....

Monroe's aged hands
Caress the sweet work of art
Like father and child

Jan-22-2010, 10:18am
Hey MandoPete,

I actually met my wife while stationed at the Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. She was from Oklahoma and I was from Illinois, long story and not appropriate here. We both loved the country up there and hope to get back some day. :mandosmiley: