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Darren Bailey
Jan-20-2010, 6:21am
Before it gets removed from Youtube

Jan-20-2010, 8:00am
Well done.

Who is picking Grey Eagle?

And is it me, or does Skaggs resemble Jack Nicholson at the 3:00 mark?

Scotti Adams
Jan-20-2010, 8:15am
Alan..that is Jack.

Sounds like Hershel maybe.

Thanks Darren..that was nice. Oh..Darren is my first name also.

Jan-20-2010, 8:28am
Nicely done! :mandosmiley: You know, I've seen a lot of those pics before, somewhere, just can't quite place it ... :whistling:

Mando a Mando
Jan-20-2010, 10:33am
That is Herschel Sizemore playing Grey Eagle from his Back in Business recording. One of my favorites.


Scotti Adams
Jan-20-2010, 10:36am
Thought so...sounds like David Parmley on guitar too.

Mando a Mando
Jan-20-2010, 10:44am
It is. Bobby Hicks, fiddle; Craig Smith, banjo; and Dale Perry, bass.


Scotti Adams
Jan-20-2010, 10:51am
That was the time Herschel was with the BG Cardinals.

Jan-20-2010, 10:54am
Hmmm...the one HS record I don't have. He does the low to high move differently than other pickers. I like it, gotta try that.

John Kinn
Jan-20-2010, 11:05am
Ddn't know there were so many beautiful women playin' the mandolin. Makes the instruments look better too:whistling:

Scotti Adams
Jan-20-2010, 11:14am

Jan-20-2010, 11:38am
Tribute to what?

Jan-20-2010, 1:45pm
Look at the full YouTube version. It's a tribute to the mandolin itself.

Jan-20-2010, 3:24pm
... and to some fine mandolinists. The end's a little heavy on the Sierra Hull side, but that's a minor quibble, and auteur's prerogative. Darren's choices show a wide range in both instruments and pickers, and a good amount of attention was paid to timing. All in all, a fine production, and it's already in my library! :mandosmiley:

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-23-2010, 2:11am
Well said JB !. Darren sent it to me prior to putting it on here.I have to admit it wowed me a bit,especially 52 seconds in. That was the Bill Monroe line up that my band opened for back in 1966,with the exception that Richard Greene was playing fiddle. I haven't seen any pics.of that line up before. He couldn't have picked a better tune either,Herschel's version of 'Grey Eagle' is a classic.
Well done Darren ! - Ivan;)

P Josey
Jan-23-2010, 7:03am
I'm curious what A style John Reischman's playing close to the start.

P Josey
Jan-23-2010, 7:08am
Enjoyed this. Thanks

Jan-23-2010, 8:10am
Believe John Reischman plays a L. Smart mandola.

Jan-23-2010, 10:45am
An excellent choice of background music to illustrate ultra-clean and tasteful mando playing, but there is a little thing called copyright.... I own a legal copy of Back in Business, as well as the AcuTab book. I've been working on this version of Grey Eagle (combined with the Monroe version with Richard Greene) for about 4 years.

Darren Bailey
Jan-25-2010, 6:39am
Thanks for the positive feedback. As everyone was so positive I thought I'd knock up one more - too much time on my hands!

Jan-26-2010, 6:50pm
Right around the 3:58 mark I think I saw Bob Saget playing a stand up off on the right edge.

Mike Bromley
Jan-26-2010, 8:26pm
Another nice tune, "Eighth of February" from John Reischman. Well done.

Loved seeing Levon Helm there, and the shot of WSM leaning on a tree. Then, the ever KooL KaT Don Stiernberg with a five-string.


Man of Wax
Jan-27-2010, 8:33am
Thanks for the positive feedback. As everyone was so positive I thought I'd knock up one more - too much time on my hands!

That is a great pic of Dawg and Frank Wakefield.

Jan-27-2010, 1:10pm
Way cool!

Jan-27-2010, 4:14pm
Wonderful trip down memory lane.. Thanks for the post... Kenc

David Horovitz
Jan-29-2010, 1:07pm
I love the juxtaposition of Andy Statman and Bill Monroe at the end of the second photo montage. Great work.

Jan-29-2010, 1:19pm
thanks darren.

Denny Gies
Jan-29-2010, 1:41pm
Really cool Darren, thanks. I also think that Herschel's version of The Grey Eagle is just outstanding. It is fun to play.

Darren Bailey
Jan-30-2010, 5:54am
Thanks to all. When I first found the mandolin cafe I only knew the more traditional sound of bluegrass, but Ivan got in touch and introduced me to the bigger picture. I might have taken a very long time to discover these two players if it wasn't for his kindness.

Jan-30-2010, 9:26am

Ben Milne
Jan-31-2010, 1:21am
Cheyenne Kimball perhaps? discussed in this thread (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19074&page=75)

Thanks for sharing, Darren.

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-31-2010, 1:43am
Many thanks for your kind aknowlegement Darren. I was only passing on,what was originally passed to me,that's how we learn,