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Jan-17-2010, 4:23pm
Hi folks!!

New member from Sweden here! :)
Johan Eliasson is my name but since I play a lot of slide guitar I’ve got the alias “Bottleneck John” LoL!
Just found the forum and since I really love the tone of old mandolins I figured I should join..!!

I collect and restore old mandolins I can find around here in my area, here’s a couple of video clips showing a bunch of them..

The mandolin jam - a demo of old mandolins!
I’ve always loved the sound of a mandolin in the blues! :mandosmiley:
Here’s some clips showing mandolins from my collection, all with different tones and looks.. many of them are of the Swedish brand LEVIN.

My buddy Lars is demonstrating:

Jan-17-2010, 4:40pm
Welcome aboard!

Jan-17-2010, 4:47pm
Thank you!!
I really dig this place!! :mandosmiley:

Jan-18-2010, 1:09am
Welcome BJ! This is the place to be, for sure.

Hope we can share a stage together again someday, it was mighty fun! I love playing blues on the mandolin.

And just so everybody knows, Johan is an incredible slide guitarist and singer.

Jan-18-2010, 3:23am
I loved the playing on the banjo-mandolin! pretty darn good pickin!

Jan-18-2010, 4:44am
Oggy, thanks!
It was a blast, we will play the blues again!!!

BigBike, thanks, and I just love the tone of an old Banjo-Mando..!! :)

Jan-18-2010, 6:30am
Here you go

Jan-18-2010, 6:32am
the other youtube doesn't seem to link

Jan-18-2010, 6:51am
Hmm, I couldn't do that...
Thanks for helping me get the video here!!
Please try the other one again, it should be ok!!

Jan-18-2010, 8:48am
Lets see. Hey it worked this time. I must have fat fingered something.