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Jan-15-2010, 8:43pm
I have a Stradolin that I am trying to figure out the age of. I keep reading other forums and it seems I am not alone. It matches several pictires of the ones Ive seen on this site though I keep reading how these other mandolins have numbers inside. I have done a thorough search only to find that this Strad has no numbers of any sort in or on it. Any thoughts on this?:mandosmiley:

Jan-15-2010, 8:58pm
Reply post a picture on the Strad-O-Lin Social Group (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/group.php?groupid=53). The age of it will be a guess but it should be close.

Jan-19-2010, 1:39pm
Glad to learn of another Stradolin owner/enthusiast. I bought mine as a broken ruin from a cafe member (someone apparently sat on it). I restored it to pretty good condition and am only in need of an original cloud tailpiece and a little careful touchup of the lettering on the headstock. Mine has the earlier logo with Stencil block lettering and the abstract strings and feather on the headstock.. It dates 1935 (or 1936, hard to read the last digit). The same hard wood is used throughout the body... probably maple or something like it...very very hard wood. no plywood and no spruce in mine. It has become my favorite mando and I use it for blues. I would certainly not be ashamed to compare its sound to a much much more expensive mando. Mine has no intonation problems. I will show photos on the Stradolin group page if I can figure out how.


Jan-19-2010, 6:14pm
Show photos here, perhaps?

I've never heard of a Strad with a solid maple top!