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Jan-10-2010, 12:53pm
Here's some images of Stan Miller's latest mandolin... a side-bound, Brazilian rosewood beauty. For a review see my post on the "Looking For Information About Mandolins" thread.

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Chris Biorkman
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Jan-10-2010, 3:33pm
That's as close to porn as you can get on this site, what a beautiful piece of work!! ~o)

Jan-10-2010, 5:04pm
that sir is sweet...how is the sound? i'm curious,having never heard a rosewood mando as to how the tone and overall sound compares to other tonewoods in mandolin format. thank you.

Jan-10-2010, 5:15pm
Check the thread for Stan Miller mandolins on the "Looking For Information About Mandolins" topic here on the message board. There you'll find my review of the mandolin. I really feel that rosewood has unlimited potential with carved, archtop mandolins.

Jan-10-2010, 5:34pm
I am as eco-sensitive as the next guy, but admit to a (very) weak spot for rosewood. From my old Italo- and American bowlbacks to the GreatLakesRim flatbacks that have crossed my path it just buckles my knees. I am savvy to the SFI, etc. and 'sustainable' forestry (and don't believe most of it) but if you are going to use it, use it well and Stan sure has. Yikes!


Jan-10-2010, 5:58pm
Mick, i agree with your thoughts about rosewood, but the rosewood used here came from 100+ year old construction beams in S.A. I've seen a bunch of this at Dake Traphagen's workshop and it's just amazing.

Jan-10-2010, 6:13pm
One word ....STUNNING! Stans' work is nothing short of impeccable and has to rank with the best of the best. I bet it sounds great, perhaps a little on the darker side? dunno.. In case I missed it, what's the neck made from?

I have one of Rick's (Turner) model one semi-hollow basses with thick and rich grained rosewood facings that just sends me everytime I pick it up and thump on it.

Jan-10-2010, 6:31pm
Looks beautiful...Very surprised that an endorsement came from Glassweb considering his well documented, and quite tired comments, about fingerboard extensions. Always thought rosewood would be a perfect tonewood for mandolin.

Jan-10-2010, 7:10pm
Absolutely gorgeous instrument. Like others, I would love to hear it.

Jan-11-2010, 2:35am
OK... to address a couple of comments above... actually, this mandolin doesn't sound particularly dark... it sounds very "alive" to me, with a good balance of "darkness and light", especially for a just completed mandolin. the neck is made from rosewood as well... unusual, no? but i'm sure it has an effect on the tone. and lastly... regarding my "tired" comments on fingerboard extensions... I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with fingerboard extensions. Both my mandolins have the traditional Gibson extensions and I have no troubles with pick click at all. What I do have a problem with though, is the Dreaded Black Tongue... fingerboard extensions that have been scooped, had their frets removed and left on the mandolin to look as ugly as sin. Stan's mandolin does not have a DBT. By the way... I wonder how many of you who have personally attacked me for my comments have mandolins with a Dreaded Black Tongue?

Scotti Adams
Jan-11-2010, 1:04pm

Jan-11-2010, 1:22pm
Glassweb....nobody attacked you.....just your comments on fingerboard extensions.......I'm really not sure why you can't separate the two.

Thanks for the pics and the lead on Stan's Mandolin, because it looks killer. I have always thought rosewood would be a good back for a mando. I like the thought of BRW too, but figured it would have been too cost prohibitive.


Jan-11-2010, 2:24pm
I'll add to this conversation a bit, Glassweb. As I read most of the posts, most people aren't disturbed by your opinion on fingerboard extensions, but on the frequency and fervency of your posts.
We all get the message. Some of us agree, others don't. Perhaps it can rest there.

Jan-11-2010, 3:06pm
fair enough Bill... point made, point taken, promise made... no more comments on this subject.

Jan-11-2010, 6:54pm
Maybe it's my guitar player side, but I have always wanted to see the perfect mandolin in Brazilian Rosewood also Koa. Now one of my two wishes have been granted.