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Jan-09-2010, 5:51pm
Dear Moderators,

I have been trying to reset the homepage default tab to Message Board. I found the control for that feature on the Alerts/Support page. This will change the default for the current session. However, when I log back on the next time, the home page goes back to the Classifieds tab as the default.

Here are the instructions I found:

Setting Default Home Page Tabs - added 1/5/2008
Like to have the tab of your choice open when you visit the Cafe home page? Just bookmark one of the custom links below and use that bookmark or set it as your home page. Viola! The links are as follows:

Message Board
Classifieds (current default)
Mandolin Cafe News

What am I doing wrong? Or can one not permanently change the default?

Thanks for your help,

Scott Tichenor
Jan-09-2010, 6:51pm
Set your home page in your browser to: http://www.mandolincafe.com/index.html#_talk

Different browsers have different methods of doing this. If you'll list your browser and version one of us can provide those instructions.

Jan-10-2010, 11:15am
Thank you Mr. Tichenor! That solved my problem.