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Paul Haley
Jan-09-2010, 5:00am
Say hello to one of Paul Schneider's finest.

Jan-09-2010, 6:26am
Wow! I'd say finest!

What's "the story" on this maker?

Is this your mandolin?

Inquiring minds want to know! (sorry, threw a little "Americana" at you).

Paul Haley
Jan-09-2010, 8:28am
Paul Schneider is the maker of Summit Mandolins. He lives in Hartsville Tennessee on your side of the pond! And yes, the mandolin is mine. :)

Jan-09-2010, 10:03am
Paul Schneider is likely the builder of many of the "Carlson-era" Flatirons.


tin ben dur
Jan-09-2010, 10:34am
I don't post much but that mandolin is outstanding.

Jan-09-2010, 10:51am
Very very very nice! enjoy:)

Jan-09-2010, 12:02pm
Stunning finish job and very interesting scroll!
Sound clip?

Jan-09-2010, 12:18pm

Jan-09-2010, 12:39pm
WOW! :disbelief:

Scott, we need a smilie that has his jaw dropped to the floor and tongue rolled out. And this would be an occasion where I would use it. But this one will work for now....:disbelief:

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-10-2010, 2:53am
That's a beauty alright !. A friend of mine has a Summit 'Artist' mandolin,it's a terrific sounding instrument & beautifully built. I do believe that Bruce Weber worked along with Paul Schneider some years ago.There is a strong resemblance in the 2 makes,right down to the use of 'neck bolts' as part of the neck to body assemble & for use as a means of fine adjustment of neck angle.
Very fine instruments indeed,

Paul Haley
Jan-10-2010, 9:40am
Stunning finish job and very interesting scroll!
Sound clip?

Here you go. :mandosmiley:

Jan-19-2010, 11:57pm
Paul, these pictures are absolutely fantastic! Great choice of background! I'm sending the link to my dad right now. I know he'll be flattered and thoroughly impressed. Again, I can't thank you enough for all your enthusiasm and support. :) Keep spreadin' the word!

Darren Bailey
Jan-20-2010, 1:24pm
That has to be one of the most beautiful looking instruments I've ever seen, I'd love to think it sounds as good as it looks.

Jan-20-2010, 1:42pm
Thanks, Paul,
Very nice sounding instrument, especially in the mids.

Brad Maestas
Jun-16-2011, 12:01am
I have to revive this old thread to say that these are some really nice pictures! I have been the proud owner of a Summit Artist since 2001 and even now it seems to continue getting better the more it's played. I met Paul at Winfield in 2002. He was a really nice guy and was really excited to see my instrument and tell me a bit more about it. The instrument has been nothing but stellar and I can't say enough good things about Paul's instruments.

Paul, how is the mandolin now a year and a half later?

Jun-16-2011, 10:21am
A few years back, I played a Summit mandolin that was hanging on the wall of Dusty Strings in Seattle. I a/b'd it with a handful of Collings, Rigels, (I think??) Webers and some other high end stuff.

It was BY FAR the best mandolin in the room (IMO!). Big, wide open sound with tone to spare.

That one in the pic looks like a knockout!

Pete Counter
Jun-16-2011, 3:08pm
A few years back (maybe several) I played Mike Sniders Summit when it was for sale at ghrun guitars, That was a memorable Mandolin, great sound, loud with tone.

Jul-14-2011, 1:46pm
I had Paul build me an F-150 Custom last year.
After playing an old A style Gibson Kalamazoo for thirty-five years I started looking for a good quality mandolin in the 3-4k price range. I took my time and played many different ones including; Collings, Weber, Ratliff, and the Gibson F-9's. I ended up playing a Summit F-100 at Gruhn's in Nashville and fell in love with it. I contacted Paul and began communicating with him about building one for me. I had him build an F model with 1 1/4 nut width, no finger board extension, a lighter redish/brown sunburst, rosewood peg head overlay with matching truss rod cover, ivoroid top and back binding. It is absolutely beautiful and sounds even better. Great tone, chop, and man is it loud. Paul is a super nice guy and in this price range, you can't beat it. I've played several way above this price range that can't beat it. I'll post pictures soon. I'm already planning my next one for him to build; It's going to be blonde.

Oneida Trail
Oct-30-2013, 4:08pm

That is an Awesome Mandolin indeed. It has the soft warm glow of tobacco sunburst just like mine. Paul Schneider is a master craftsman among the best there is in the Mandolin handcrafted World. Congrats to you mate!

Oneida Trail
Nov-27-2013, 7:46am
Say hello to one of Paul Schneider's finest.

Nice Summit, I have a Summit Custom myself. Awesome Mando!

Nick Gellie
Nov-28-2013, 6:21am
Fantastic looker. That finish is something to look at. What is the finish used on this mando?

Nov-28-2013, 9:13am
killer finish!! I would also like to know??

Nov-28-2013, 5:02pm
I agree the Summits are great. They're powerful...esp the upper end. The tone and volume just won't quit. Here's a picture of a Summitt F200s I got earlier this year from the MC Classifieds. I'll post a sound clip as soon as I record something.

Nov-28-2013, 8:53pm
Here's a demo of the Summitt 200s...Miller's Reel and Salt Creek