View Full Version : Choosing strings for Martin Style A

Jan-07-2010, 3:59am
What strings are people using on Martin Style A mandolins?
Just wondered if anyone tried out a whole bunch and has some observations
I was planning on ordering a bunch and trying some out
I jut picked up a dozen picks and tried them out,none of the ultra expensive ones though

Robert VanLane

Jan-07-2010, 2:53pm
light ala A250 10,15,24w38w, xlight A240 09,13,20w,32w these are GHS sets

but most brands offer similar, wire diameters, and overall diameters after winding.

thicker diameters take more tension to reach pitch, & you don't want to pull the neck up
and push the bridge down, too hard.

Jan-08-2010, 12:09am
Thanks I have 011 on now and it feels too heavy for this Martin

Robert VanLane

Shelagh Moore
Jan-08-2010, 5:46am
I used to play a Martin A and, yes, definitely a 10-34 (or up to 10-38) set. An 011 set is definitely too heavy for the Martin.

Jan-09-2010, 9:42pm
As others above say, I also use light gauge on my '64 Model A. I use the Martin Light Gauge strings and they are very good. I think they are .010 to .034.