View Full Version : New Eastwood electric tenor at NAMM

Jan-05-2010, 7:46pm
Could someone who's going post pics/review? Steve at the TGR posted this pic:


Cooooool!! (even with the 9th fret dot)

Cliff D
Jan-13-2010, 5:26pm
Oooh yes, we need them here in the UK!

Jan-22-2010, 3:58pm
Did anybody talk to the Eastwood people at NAMM about when these might be available? Or was this - and I hate to ask - a one-off?

Jan-23-2010, 2:22am
Nevermind, Jim answered my question over in the electrics area:


$400- not bad!

Aug-09-2010, 12:06am
Word is the tenor will be hitting the street soon. It's been named after Warren Ellis (e-mando/violin/multi-instrument player for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).

Sep-08-2010, 9:41am
According to their newsletter, they should be releasing the Warren Ellis tenor next week.

Sep-16-2010, 4:58pm

Sep-16-2010, 5:16pm
Arrgh! 9th fret dot!

Sep-16-2010, 5:49pm
Hm. With those string gauges they must have it set up for OM tuning.

Sep-17-2010, 3:04am
Any idea whether they do a case for it?

Mike Herlihy
Sep-29-2010, 4:22pm

Check out the link, they added a video!

Oct-01-2010, 6:07am
Warren Ellis usually plays GDAE instruments (mandocaster, Violin, Bouzouki)... I think this guitar can be tuned like that...
I will see Grinderman in Paris the 26th of october... If the band speaks with its fans, I will ask some question to Warren...

Mike Herlihy
Oct-01-2010, 11:00am
Any idea whether they do a case for it?

Talked to my local Eastwood dealer, $499 + $50 to ship from Canada, case is seperate

rico mando
Nov-26-2010, 3:50pm
i have just received my tenor electric from eastwood this morning. it is well made.the action is low,no string buzz anywhere. tuners,volume,tone work great. proper intonation out of box. no complaints the strings are spaced wide kinda like a bass. great sound from the single rail pickup

rico mando
Nov-26-2010, 9:03pm
ok not wide like a bass but a little bit wider than my goldtone tg-18

rico mando
Nov-27-2010, 7:39pm
forgot to mention that it did not come with promised string gauge so its tuned in c

Nov-28-2010, 8:50pm
I like it. Looks like fun to me.

Ben Milne
Jan-26-2011, 12:38am
Warren Ellis rocking the Eastwood W/ Grinderman.
Big Day Out -2011