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Jan-05-2010, 7:18am
MandoMorphosis - 2010

MandoMorphosis 2010 is a new mandolinistic recording made up of a number of prominent mandolin players making their home in the Seattle, Washington region.

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San Rafael
Jan-06-2010, 8:30am
Great record jacket.

Jan-07-2010, 1:31pm
Mandomorphosis is exactly the type of thing that gives the mandolin a bad name!
Poorly done!
This is proof that when something gets too popular it just turns to ####!
People should keep there home recordings at home!

Andy Fielding
Jan-09-2010, 4:06pm
People may also want to learn the difference between "their" and "there". ;?)

May-31-2010, 9:12pm
this is some serious picking, much of it is powerfully evocative. nonetheless it seems they may still be finding the essence of their muse, as diffuse as she may be.

mandohlin: perhaps you're too conventional and too much of a stick in the mud to appreciate new forms? if not, what would you want to see from these and others?