View Full Version : El Degas Two point

Cary Fagan
Jan-03-2010, 4:32pm
I've been meaning to post some pics of this for a while and hunter548's post about his possible ibanez has prompted me.

This is from the late sixties, I believe. Made in Japan for a Canadian distributor. I saw one with a different name on the headstock sell on ebay awhile back. That one suggested it was built by Ibanez. It is quite a decent mandolin, clear, clean up the neck, bright rather than woofy, perhaps because of the rosewood back and sides. Very cleanly made. Very light. The body is quite pretty but the headstock size is a bit ungainly, I'd say, and the plasticy fake tortoiseshell veneer on it isn't especially attractive. Nice neck. I use it as a travel mando. Might not keep it forever but it's better than the inexpensive mandos they build now. Bought it from a man who had purchased it for his son thirty years ago, but the son never played it. So it's as new.

Charles E.
Jan-04-2010, 7:46pm
Man, those are some loooong points! Cool Mando.

Jan-05-2010, 11:38pm
Looks familiar!
I got one from a friend in the UK who I think had acquired it in Canada...
I wouldn't have pegged it as old as the 1960s. There were a lot of good instruments being sold under the El Degas name in Canada in the 1980s.