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dt in ky
Jan-03-2010, 1:16pm
#1 soft curly maple and european spruce #2 honduras mahogany and sitka #3quilted bigleaf maple and sitka all with laquer finish and an exellent tone. i recently finished #4 but no pics yet. i would also like to thank all of the talented people here for the vast information that they have posted on this bd. DT

dt in ky
Jan-03-2010, 1:21pm
oops here they are

Jan-03-2010, 1:26pm
Great looking mandos!

dt in ky
Jan-03-2010, 2:42pm
here's a couple more

Skip Kelley
Jan-03-2010, 3:42pm
Darrell, Really nice work on the mandolins! Let's see some pics of #4 as well!