View Full Version : econos left and right

Dec-25-2009, 3:13pm
Here's a couple of new ones, oil varnish lefty and righty.

Dec-25-2009, 3:14pm
two more.....

Dec-25-2009, 3:31pm
Santa has been busy in his workshop. Some nice presents! Is that a black binding on the lefty? Season's greetings, Ken.

David Rambo
Dec-25-2009, 4:52pm
You can fill my stocking anytime you like!

Dec-25-2009, 5:58pm
It's tortoise binding. Dandy sounding mandos, both, but I have trouble playing the lefty.

Pete Counter
Dec-26-2009, 12:09am
Ken, I dont know how often you hear it, but I want to say right here, You make some of finest looking instruments that get posted on this site and I never have got to play one, but I think I can pretty much tell how they sound by looking at them. I enjoy each and every post you put up of your beautiful work and I appreciate what you do so well. Thanks

Dec-26-2009, 7:40am
Thanks Pete, I appreciate that people like to see what I'm doing. I always worry about maybe posting too much, but you all seem to like seeing them, thanks.............

Mark Walker
Dec-26-2009, 8:34am
Dandy sounding mandos, both, but I have trouble playing the lefty.

I'd have trouble playing a lefty myself! You'll have to locate an in-house lefty mandolin player/tester!

Teasing aside, those are both beautiful mandolins Ken! Are they both varnish finishes or is one lacquer? (Maybe it's the lighting; the righty looks more like a 'gloss' lacquer finish.) No issues there - my first Angel was lacquer and it looked SWEET and had the exceptional Silver Angel volume and tone!

Have a GREAT 2010, Ken! Looks like you'll be off to a good start! :)

Dec-26-2009, 9:14am
no Mark, they are both varnish. THey both are pretty glossy, but have a rich look that only varnish can produce.

Marni Sorrick
Dec-26-2009, 10:19am
Happiness!! :mandosmiley:

Jason Kindall
Dec-26-2009, 10:30am

Great work - keep those pics coming, Ken.

Matthew Carver
Dec-26-2009, 12:34pm
Wont be long now Marni!

Ken..as always these mandolins look amazing.

Dec-26-2009, 4:01pm
kEN-I joined the cafe just in time to thank you one more time for building this mandolin for me. All the e-mails, photos, and hours on the phone were above and beyond anything I could have expected. You absolutely nailed the look I was after, and I'm sure it will sound incredible. I just hope Marni feels as guilty as I do for having to seperate these two; they look so happy together!

Dec-26-2009, 4:08pm
*studying the body* Are my eyes deceiving me or is the upper bout of the body a little wavy? I like the headstock.

Dec-26-2009, 5:39pm
which one?

Dec-26-2009, 6:18pm
beatiful work Ken, I don't think you get enough credit for your mandos, just as good(if not better) than any of the Gibsons, Webers etc. I've played

Marni Sorrick
Dec-27-2009, 10:43am
To rbrowe: Ha! Never entered my mind for a moment to feel guilty about separating these two mandolins! My husband said yesterday that when it arrives he won't waste time talking to me for a few days, because he knows I will be in such a trance of enchantment that I won't even be able to hear him. :grin:

Skip Kelley
Dec-28-2009, 7:30am
Ken, beautiful work as always! I love the coloring!

Patrick Sylvest
Dec-28-2009, 8:17am
Beautiful work, Ken! I love them both. BTW, mine gets better every day. It's a joy to play.

Keep posting. One great reason for visiting the site is for the beautiful instruments. You've been a busy builder with good reason!