View Full Version : King's Round Braided Mandolin Straps

Randy King
Dec-17-2009, 9:29pm
Howdy Folks, I'd like some feedback on how these straps are holding up?

Mike Decker
Dec-18-2009, 5:13pm
Randy, Got one of your straps about a year ago and no problems. Holds up fine

Stanley Cox
Dec-18-2009, 5:47pm
Hey Randy, I have one on my "Root" for about a year and a half. The strap is great but my picking is another story. :))


Dec-24-2009, 12:21am
randy your straps are the best, i love the new one, it holds my mandolin exactly where i want it. our guitar player has had a king custom strap for 4 years now it's in a lot better shape than his guitar is:))

Randy King
Dec-25-2009, 12:12pm
Thanks Dizz! It don't compair to the picks you shaped for me!

Dec-26-2009, 2:02pm
glad you like em. i'll be playing with the new strap tonight i'm sure it will hold my mando right where i need it:mandosmiley:

Jan-03-2010, 11:56am
Hi Randy-
mine are great, seems they will last forever....and getting ready to order another with the shoulder insert!

Jan-04-2010, 5:44pm
Hey there Randy, I also have one and there's not a problem with the strap, use it everyday. However mine is very thin and tends to twist on a regular basis, next one I get will be a little fatter of a braid.