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barry k
Dec-16-2009, 11:02pm
My personal mando which was respectfully named " The Dogs---t" extending from a 1980 coversation between the late John Duffy and myself, is now reconstituted to "The Bulldog". It also has a new owner, hence the change. This was an interesting project, which was easier then first presumed by me, just the rain held me back some ( lacquer spraying) I took a lot of heat for the original headstock inlay ( 2 folks publicly called me out on this forum) , which was totally a joke , or a poke at my own quirky sense of humor. One great thing though, this turned out to be a fantastic mandolin . It is loud , toneful and fun and easy to play. Heres the new inlay..

Dec-17-2009, 12:08am
Man...I for one am sorry to hear about the headstock name change (really!!). I actualy considered buying that mando only to insure that there would always be at least one such mandolin in the world. I was afraid that someone would take you up on the offer to change the headstock. Rest in peace Dog---t, you brought a lot of light into the world, you growly old fellow. "The" was the clincher, by the way--lot of deep humor in that. Perhaps someone else will pick up the torch (or the....oh, whatever).

Dec-17-2009, 4:11am
I too thought long and hard about having this mandolin, and I for one would never have had the name changed.

The paw prints up the neck are also amazing :)

Mike Snyder
Dec-17-2009, 4:49am
I considered ownership, also, briefly. We KNEW it was a cannon. Personal axe and all. Then reality reared it's ugly head. Congrats to the new owner.

Dec-17-2009, 8:45am
I guess you could always auction the original headstock overlay. I saw where one went for $37.5K recently!

Dec-17-2009, 8:58am

I am out of loop on this one, what was the original inlay? I fear it may be something unmentionable...

Dec-17-2009, 9:08am
AlanN, look at the posts above and fill in the blanks after the Dog.... The story behind the inlay is a good one (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=614463&highlight=duffy#post614463). My only concern was the words violated the guidelines. Interested parties can see the original version on his website. I'm happy that you made the sale.


Dec-17-2009, 9:40am
Yeah, I extrapolated the full text well-enough, just thought there was another image inlay originally (in place of the skull).

Bless JD (and all his vital organs)

barry k
Dec-17-2009, 1:26pm
Fortunately, I only had to change the "BULLDOG" logo, all else was left unscathed. 37 thousand for an overlay, makes me wish I changed the whole thing...coulda been worth at least 37 pennies.

Skip Kelley
Dec-17-2009, 2:58pm
Barry, I thought the inlay was cool idea! And on a great looking mandolin to boot!!

Dec-17-2009, 6:26pm

Cant believe anybody gave you grief over the name...........I thought it was pretty dagum clever. Loved the paw prints and Blackface too.