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Peter LaMorte
Dec-16-2009, 7:44pm
Have had my Turkey Creek for a little over 3 weeks. Brad Van Loenen really did an outstanding job. He walked me through the many choices I had on top woods and a one piece back, flower pot inlay, three piece bindings and the exact color sunbrust I wanted. It is really amazing to be able to have someone who knows what they're doing build you a totally custom mandolin and have it come out better than you could have expected.
Anyone looking for a great mandolin and a no hassle build process might want to give Brad a call.
Thanks Brad

Dec-16-2009, 8:10pm
That's a beauty. It's pretty cool having one made "just for you" too.


Marni Sorrick
Dec-16-2009, 8:31pm
I like the way the neck is finished; very attractive!

Andy Fielding
Feb-04-2010, 1:11pm
Beautiful. It looks like Brad's finishing skills have improved. Looking at some of the photos on his website, I got the impression he still had some things to learn about preparing wood to absorb stain evenly. Your new mando looks great, though.

How about an audio or video clip? Just looking at an instrument is fun, but it's like looking at a still photo of a dancer. Sometimes the endless, silent instrument discussions on here remind me of those fabulous-looking but terrible-sounding instruments you see on eBay... Who would know?

Peter LaMorte
Feb-04-2010, 1:24pm
Brad really did do a great job on the mandolin. We had many conversation about what I wanted on the finish and he didn't disappoint.
I'll have to ponder the audio and video clip as it is way beyond my capabilities at this point , I also need to really practice up before I'd want to listen to myself play let alone subject others to my playing :)):))

Feb-04-2010, 4:00pm
Very nice. I, as well, am impressed with his improvement on the detailed finishing. I'd like to hear a sound clip as well when you're ready. I own TC #17. It wasn't the prettiest of what I had to choose from (looked at Collings & Gibson too) - but imo I got the most bang for my buck soundwise. Now that he's improved the the little details - looks like you getting the whole package.

I have no doubt it sounds fantastic. I'm in and out of the Pickin Parlor in Old Towne Arvada and have played a number of his mando's over the last few years since purchasing mine. They all have sounded great - and have a somewhat consistent tone - which I like. You know what you're going to get.

I wish you the same attachement and appreciation I've had with my TC. It's a pretty cool instrument.

Cheryl Watson
Feb-07-2010, 6:16pm
Mighty nice-lookin' mando, Peter!

Feb-08-2010, 10:05am
Congrats on your mandolin. I got mine a couple of years ago and love it. I got a chance to meet Brad and he was very helpful with a small problem I had. He went above and beyond to insure my complete satisfaction.

Mar-27-2012, 12:43am
Any new thoughts on Turkey Creek mandolins?

I'm looking forward to trying one out at my local shop when they have one in stock.

Mar-27-2012, 9:01am
Look up The Fallen Pines band in Denver...the mando player...his name escapes me...has one. I played it and was impressed...I remember it felt really smooth and silky, very easy to play with pretty low action. I alos remember that the finish was great.