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Kevin Briggs
Dec-13-2009, 11:31pm
Hi, everyone. I have been trying to take some good pictures of my mandolin to post on the Cafe, but can't seem to take any that don't have dominant glare from the flash, or that just generally look too dark.

Any tips on how to take a good picture of a mandolin?

Thanks in advance.

Jim Kirkland
Dec-14-2009, 12:40am
Try turning off the flash. Another thing is to take the photo a little farther away and crop the picture.

Graham McDonald
Dec-14-2009, 1:45am
If your camera has a 'shoe' for an add-on flash, get one (funds permitting of course) where the flash itself swivels and bounces the flash of the ceiling. That diffuses the flash really well so you have the advantage of the flash without the glare and the harsh shadows.

Alternatively have a look at Frank Ford's site (http://www.frets.com) where he shows the fairly simple yet effective set-up using compact flouro bulbs

I have just posted a few pics of a new bouzouki here taken using a bouncy flash.


Mandolin Mick
Dec-14-2009, 2:45am
Depending on where you live, outside photography can be the ticket for eliminating flash. Winter is good for eliminating the sun's glare.

Another hint is to tilt the mandolin at an angle to eliminate glare. Mandolins, especially an F-5, look better at an angle then straight on anyway.

Dec-14-2009, 3:49am

reading through this thread (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=30916&highlight=rate)will give you a good dose of insight from some interesting café photographers.

It will reveal that there´s much more to taking a picture than just a camera and the object that you´d like to photograph.

If you´re in for a good read try this standard by Andreas Feininger (http://www.amazon.de/Die-Hohe-Schule-Fotografie-Standardwerk/dp/3453412192). You´ll be amazed of how much the view through the camera differs from what you "normaly" see. And if you´re not into German so much... here´s the same book in English (http://www.amazon.com/Andreas-Feininger-Thats-Photography-Hatje/dp/3775714294/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260780499&sr=8-1). Mind you, it´s a standard!

By the way, folks like Andreas Feininger took the photos and maybe retouched them a little bit. Nowadays picturetaking without a high proficiency in Photoshop and likewise programs is unthinkable when working with "Playboy" and suchlike magazines.