View Full Version : First attempt at staining

Dec-10-2009, 9:21pm
This is my first time staining an instrument. I used Behlen lacquer aerosol which I won't do again. Had a little trouble getting consistant spray out of the can. Surprise surprise. Still have to apply the finish. I sure am enjoying this stage of the game, it's very rewarding.

Dec-11-2009, 6:22am
Very nice. I love me a dark burst, there my favorite!

Andy Miller
Dec-11-2009, 8:04am
That looks a lot better than my first attempt at staining.

James Sanford
Dec-11-2009, 9:14am
A really nice job. I know how difficult it is to do. It will be very nice when you finish.

Dec-11-2009, 4:15pm
Lookin good

John Gass
Dec-11-2009, 4:22pm
I would love my mando to look like that. I LOVE the dark burst look without a glossy finish. Really shows the beauty and depth of the wood.

Skip Kelley
Dec-13-2009, 5:04pm
Zoomy, it looks great! You should be proud!