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Dec-09-2009, 5:30am
"love and a question" - yamaha GL1 guitalele with mandolin accompaniment - using garage band AND! (thanks to suggestions made here at the cafe) earphones - eliminating the rumbling noise that sometimes came from double tracking - alleluia ...

trying to find the right levels is a tricky business - in terms of volume, how loud is too loud; in terms of playing, how subtle is too subtle? at what point does accompaniment over-power the original track? - a real conundrum. long ago and far away, most of the recordings i listened to (studied) were folkways records - sound quality was never an issue; the rougher the better - seemed more genuine ... my sound engineer son has taught me better. hope this works:

Dec-09-2009, 6:55am

I really do love your recordings. This one is excellent! Keep em coming.

Dec-11-2009, 9:33am
"the tuft of flowers" by robert frost - yes, we are having fun, playing sound engineer: