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mando bandage
Sep-04-2004, 3:38pm
So this local preservation group of ours is restoring a train station. We have "Hobo Day" twice a year, as a little festival at the station with vendors, food, etc.

For the Hobo day that happened today, we decided to have a hobo band, consisting of 3 of us who have jammed together a couple of times, a retired band director on the dog house bass, and extend an open invitation to anyone so inclined.

Much to our delight, we were joined by some genuine hobos, Ohio Tom on harmonica and vocals, Grandpa Bob on the Epiphone 12 string and vocals and the odd percussionist with spoons, washboard, rhythm sticks, etc.

Four hours later, the vendors were packing up when we wrapped up the music. Sharing songs of the road with strangers. Not a paying gig, but I would have paid to be there.

Can't wait til next spring to do it again.

If any of you are near north central Ohio and up for an open hobo jam, consider yourselves welcome. Details TBA next year.