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Dec-06-2009, 10:48pm
Just ordered a Lebeda F5 Premium Plus....Can't wait, any comments on builder?

Dec-06-2009, 11:59pm
Have a model Jazzica, F5 body, Monte (not the usual F5 headstock) bound with tortoise like color.
Cognac color transparent lacquer, slim neck radius fingerboard, good quality .

I got mine used. My classifieds first foray .

no demerits on builder A fine instrument, from a country with a long tradition of violin makers .

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-07-2009, 3:58am
You made a good choice. I'm on my second Lebeda. I let my first one (see pic.) go through sheer ignorance of the fact that Mandolins need time to 'play in'. I can testify to one thing though,the build quality is second to none !. With due respect to Weber,my 2001 Lebeda 'Special' which i bought used,makes my Fern look a bit 'plasticy' - but that's an individual builder's perogative.
The only thing that i would say,is play it hard & long & it'll come good. They are very good instruments indeed,made in a country with a long history of building musical instruments of the Violin family,
Ivan ;)