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Dec-06-2009, 1:32pm
I don't think I've ever posted this before ... Jack Spira made this for me a few years ago and it's proved to be a solid keeper. The back and sides are Tasmanian Black Wood, the top is King William Pine, fretboard and bridge are Gidgee and the neck is (I believe) Victorian Maple.

It's based on an early Ditson guitar which was built by Martin @ 1910. This is the first Guitar which Jack had done which has a floating bridge and a tailpiece. Since then, the tailpiece has been replaced with a Newall which is much longer and really nifty looking. Somewhere I have the pix of that but - a new computer and the files could be on Mars (so much for cloud computing).

An instrument much the same design will be featured on a Christmas Special this season.

- Oh yes, this has a @22 inch scale, is tuned CGDa (currently), the bridge is a floater, the mustaches are glued onto the top to keep the actual bridge from floating around.

Jill McAuley
Dec-06-2009, 2:43pm
What a beauty - I love the back!


Dec-06-2009, 3:48pm
Beauty, indeed, Dion. I'm a happy Spira owner thanks to trying your dola and OM a few years back. I love seeing Jack's (http://www.jackspiraguitars.com/index.html) work.