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Dec-06-2009, 1:10pm
here's a distressed model I thought some might like to take a look at.

Dec-06-2009, 1:14pm
the last of the pics.

Skip Kelley
Dec-06-2009, 1:30pm
Ken, That is sweet! Your distressing really looks authentic! You keep distressing your mandolins so well Gibson is going to want your secrets!:grin:

Dec-06-2009, 1:52pm
Simply amazing, Ken.

Matthew Carver
Dec-06-2009, 1:59pm
Ken, that is one of the best looking mandolins I have ever seen. Every one I see means mine is getting closer to being built!

Jason Kindall
Dec-06-2009, 8:05pm
Gorgeous Ken!


Dec-08-2009, 2:48am
Another nice one Ken! Some of that distressing very convincing.

Mark Walker
Dec-09-2009, 11:15am
Ken - Ditto what everyone else is saying! Super work!

A thought (I know - pretty surprising!) occurred to me today:

Given the Orrico tailpiece is a 'modern' type accessory, (though an excellent tailpiece), have you ever given any thought to creating your own 'distressed-looking' tailpiece?
Your distressing is SO GOOD the mandolins look like they're 75+ years old, but the tailpiece looks sort of 'modern.' :mandosmiley:

Regardless, this is a beautiful mandolin - as all yours are! I bet it's got a deep woody tone too.

Dec-09-2009, 7:06pm
good idea Mark, I used to have a tailpiece of my own, just need to think about it some more. I would like to say though that these Orricos are great, no problems at all, no overtones, and in just a short time, they have a nice patina on them if you want, or they come with a cloth to keep them looking new, can't say enough good things about Orrico!

Jason Kindall
Dec-09-2009, 9:48pm
I've wondered what chlorine tabs in a closed butter tub would do for the looks of a James tailpiece. I know it works on chrome...

The Orrico look is pretty stellar though!

Mark Walker
Dec-11-2009, 4:17pm
Nothing against the Orrico tailpiece of course. Ken mentioned something I hadn't thought of - it'll sort of develop its own 'distressed' look if you don't polish it or anything.

I actually have a tailpiece on my Silver Angel that Ken designed and had several dozen cast. (I think I like the next-to-the-last-one of them made.) I use a little Brasso on it from time to time to keep it shiney, but mine's not a 'distressed' model. If I let it go, it does look 'tarnished' and would look great on a distressed mandolin!

Keep up the great work Ken! :)

Dec-17-2009, 8:27am
The Orrico tailpiece on my distressed model has done just what Ken described. After a little more than two years it has a nice luster that seems to better match the mandolin. I don't polish it; I just wipe the strings with a soft cloth after playing when I put it up.

Jason Kindall
Dec-17-2009, 10:05am
I keep coming back here to look at these pictures... :disbelief:

I'm such a sadist. :))

Dec-17-2009, 1:03pm
here's this one after a picguard by Steve Smith.

Mark Walker
Dec-17-2009, 5:20pm
Lookin' better and better! :)

Ken - do you use bridges by Steve too? I sure do like the bridge on mine!

Dec-17-2009, 5:53pm
Love that black/orange burst.