View Full Version : The Loar Introduces the LM-400 Hand Carved A Mandolin

Dec-02-2009, 3:48pm
The Loar Introduces the LM-400 Hand Carved A Mandolin

The Loar has announced the creation of the LM-400, a tribute to classic mandolin design techniques and new hand-carved model from the luthiers at The Loar Hand Carved Workshop.

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Dec-02-2009, 4:24pm
How much?
Fetch the price for me Mr. Newsfetcher!

PJ Doland
Dec-02-2009, 4:41pm
What kind of press-release doesn't include a suggested retail price?

Dec-02-2009, 6:20pm
Pre-order price here of $499


Michael Eck
Dec-03-2009, 10:47am
Cool! I've been waiting for word on this.

Capt. E
Dec-03-2009, 2:02pm
I understand Kentucky has a new "top of the line" A model as well: the KM 900. Supposed to be carved and braced like their KM 1000.

Dec-03-2009, 7:09pm
I talked to my rep today and he says they are still on the water- expected soon in the states.