View Full Version : c.1920? DeWick Resonator Mandolin

Jake Wildwood
Dec-02-2009, 3:13pm
Got you! Were you expecting a bunch of steel? Heck, no. This is a customer's very high quality DeWick that just got a good proper setup and will be out the door soon enough. More photos and info at m'blog post:



Dec-02-2009, 4:31pm
VERY cool! I'd love to run into one!

Intermountain in SLC has a similar DeWick tenor banjo for sale, but it has an actual banjo head rather than this one's neater wood. They describe it as: "a rare & felicitous marriage of a banjo & a tea-table."

(Hmmm... Sort of sounds like Mando Brother Stan Jay has been coaching their advertising staff!)