View Full Version : c.1900? Bay State Bowlback Mandolin

Jake Wildwood
Nov-29-2009, 5:58pm
Here are some snapshots of a Bay State I just finished up this morning. More photos & info at m'blog:



Nov-29-2009, 6:11pm

Jake Wildwood
Nov-29-2009, 6:21pm
I entirely agree. This one sings, too!

Dec-01-2009, 10:00pm
That instrument is similar to one I acquired very recently. It's almost the same body design, but I see differences in the shape of the pickguard, color of the tuners. etc. Mine is a W T & B "Rosita" and I know exactly nothing about it. Apparently no-one else does either, there have been zero comments on the pics I posted here a few days ago. Nice to see one similar to mine, but already fixed up.