View Full Version : W t & b "rosita"

Nov-26-2009, 9:55pm
I don't know much about mandolins, but I picked this one up because it was not expensive and it had some character. It needs some work, but it's playable and sounds very nice as is, so I'm happy. Any further information would be very interesting though, as I know nothing of the age or the manufacturer, etc.

It is pretty basic, no fancy binding or inlay. It has 9 ribs on the round back, alternating light and dark wood. It seems unusually light. All notes play with no fret buzz though the action is a bit on the high side. It does not have the original bridge and the tuners are not really serviceable. They can be brought up to pitch but they do not stay there on the highest pitched strings. One tuner will not turn the correct direction but oddly enough it sort of works backwards. One key is missing but the tuner works when a wrench is employed. When I acquired it very recently it had the appearance of an instrument that had not been played in many years- it was set up in a peculiar configuration, with the strings in the wrong order, etc, and there was much corrosion on the strings and dust on the neck and body, so it's been sitting for a while. It has enough unglued places to make it rattle a very little bit, but it is structurally quite solid. The neck was broken and re-glued sometime long ago and seems strong despite the flaw. The top is split down the middle- probably a two piece top which has come unglued. The case has a little metal tag that says JLT stamped on the metal. The label inside says W T & B Chicago New York "ROSITA" . If I look inside while holding it up to the light I can see a few gaps that need to be glued, but only a few. The finish seems original, slightly touched up a long time ago. The tuners have black plastic knobs which seem pretty old, but maybe not as old as the mandolin. The case is lined with red fabric and is in good enough condition to be worth repairing. I am not a mandolin player, I mostly play guitar, but I can pick up and play anything with frets, so I just wanted a playable and inexpensive mandolin around for recording and jamming purposes. If anyone can tell me more, thanks!