View Full Version : I jumped on the Econo Train

barry k
Nov-24-2009, 9:33pm
As like several other builders that visit this forum, I have introduced a less ornate version of the F5. No binding on the headstock, fingerboard or back.
Flat fingerboard, with no mop dots, just sidemarkers. Stamped tailpiece ( although this one has a cast TP),. Satin lacquer finsh. No inlay on headstock other then logo installed sideways. We will be able to offer this model a little cheaper.

Trey Young
Nov-24-2009, 10:23pm
Hey Barry,
I like the looks of your econo mando, what species of spruce are you using for the soundboard? Thanks,

Bill Van Liere
Nov-24-2009, 11:37pm
That is a really nice looking mandolin Barry. Plain, but with a classy look.

The wood and the finish look great.

barry k
Nov-25-2009, 12:24am
Trey, these mandolins will have engleman tops. It sounds as good as those fancy models !

Darren Bailey
Nov-25-2009, 3:17am
That is a beautiful looking mandolin, do you mind me asking what kind of price range they sit in?

Bertram Henze
Nov-25-2009, 7:04am
Now that's the honest shortcut! Instead of buying an expensive look for much money and making it look modest and humble by distressing it (for more money), just buying a modest and humble instrument for less money in the first place is the way to go.
...and preserving simple beauty on the way, too.

Nov-25-2009, 7:13am
Barry, that mandolin looks great. The very first custom mandolin I had made for me was virtually identical to what you have produced there, though I had fretboard position markers but I like your w/o them better. End result, great sound and very sleek looking mandolin that ultimately cost less. Great job!!

Looks like you just put a new coat of paint on your house siding too...

barry k
Nov-25-2009, 11:37am
I will gladly and promptly respond to any requests for price via PM or email. This mandolin was sold before it was finished. Thanks again for the great input. I also like the plain, understated look, somehow it interprets as being classier then the fully adorned model ?

Nov-25-2009, 12:30pm
a beautiful looking mandolin - complimenti - waaay classier than the "dog-doo" model you have on offer in "currentstock."

Nov-26-2009, 7:40am
Barry I like it! Good idea to offer all ranges in prices! Nice to see you can still get a sunburst in a econo model. One of the things I never liked about most of the econo models a lot of others build is the first thing they cut back on is the finish like the Gibson A-9's and F-9's

Never understood why they make them all mud brown why not black tops at least! :mandosmiley:

Pete Braccio
Nov-26-2009, 4:23pm
Not only do Barry's mandolins look good, they sound great as well.

Here is Bulldog #1. I picked this up in 2006. A lot of other mandolins have come and gone since then. This is the only one that has stayed around.


Jake Wildwood
Nov-27-2009, 2:01pm
Simplicity is often a virtue in instruments. Nice!