View Full Version : 2 point Bulldog

barry k
Nov-22-2009, 2:29pm
Hers some pics of one that is a little different. Black faced top, black stained back sides and neck.....so you could see the figure. And another fantastic headstock inlay by my artistic talented wife. This one also has the dual K & K internal pickup , block fingerboard inlay and cast tailpiece. Thanks for looking.

Jill McAuley
Nov-22-2009, 2:31pm
Love the headstock inlay! That mandolin is a real beauty!


Nov-22-2009, 2:51pm
This mandolin has some real style. So many seem to be put together by a committee. The headstock shape seems to be a bit much until a second look shows that it is a very, very nice shape and works well with the other curves, in the points for example. And the black all over, well it is elegant for sure. Will there be more of these? I hope so.

Skip Kelley
Nov-22-2009, 3:47pm
Thats really cool, Barry! I love the peghead shape and the inlay is awesome! Nice work!!

mike fin
Nov-22-2009, 4:16pm
Wow that's nice.

Christopher Standridge
Nov-23-2009, 12:43pm
Nice Barry! I wish that I could get my wife to do my inlay work. That is quite the deal. What tailpiece is that you are using?
Also did you use a endpin jack with a preamp or just the p/u?

barry k
Nov-23-2009, 10:01pm
Thanks for the positive feedback, thats always encouraging. Sabine has the gift of artistry, and we try to use it in our mando builds. She loves to do the inlay work, has the disposition and patience for it. The Tailpiece is an Ashton Bailey brand. It is heavy but I like the design, had to do some extra drilling for the tailpiece plug to fit. No preamp for the Dual K & K 's , dont need it. Plugged it in and BAM, super loud and sensitive.

Kevin Briggs
Nov-23-2009, 10:39pm
Nice, Barry!