View Full Version : Its not black and blonde...

Nov-21-2009, 12:04pm
And its not for sale

Barb Friedland
Nov-21-2009, 12:06pm
Sure is a beautiful mandolin!

Nov-21-2009, 12:09pm
Three more photos..

Jill McAuley
Nov-21-2009, 12:17pm
That is absolutely STUNNING! I love how the tortoise binding looks with sides! What do they call that finish on the sides and back?


Skip Kelley
Nov-21-2009, 12:20pm
Wow! That is one wild looking mandolin! I like it!

Nov-21-2009, 12:24pm
The back and sides almost look like dinosaur skin or scales. Way Cool. Is it big leaf maple?

Nov-21-2009, 12:44pm
It reminded me of a tortoise shell just under the water with light waves on it. Way cool, Trevor.


Nov-21-2009, 2:41pm
A little Monteleone mambolino inspiration?

Nov-21-2009, 2:48pm
I don't know when the Monteleone was made but I first had this a couple of years ago.

Cathal Whelehan
Nov-21-2009, 3:28pm
That is one astounding mandolin! Simply mind-blowing.

It looks like sand at the bottom of a shallow stream.

Nov-21-2009, 4:06pm
Sort of a dark side of the moon kind of thing.

Nov-21-2009, 5:51pm
Wow, Trevor, that's a beauty! You're taking it home?

Jake Wildwood
Nov-21-2009, 8:17pm

Though, you're gonna have to wear a top hat when you play it.


Nov-21-2009, 11:10pm
I'm with Jake on that. Remember the tie, too. I'm mystified. I didn't know that crosses between lynx and leopard came in deciduous flavors. What is that? An optical illusion? I'm obviously not as tuned in to exotics as some of the above respondents. If it sounds anything like it looks....but it couldn't. It probably sounds like a mandolin.

Daniel Nestlerode
Nov-22-2009, 12:57am

Though, you're gonna have to wear a top hat when you play it.


Tails and spats too!

Amazing color.


Ivan Kelsall
Nov-22-2009, 5:07am
NOT for sale ! - well then,i don't like it ( what a liar i am !!!!). I've seen that one before Trevor - it's a stunner for sure,wood grain so deep you could drown in it,

Nov-24-2009, 11:27pm
AMAZING!! I love it!

Nov-25-2009, 12:57pm
Looks like quicksilver...

Nov-25-2009, 8:24pm
Too bad that back isn't book matched. It would have been even more stunning. Quicksilver (aka Mercury)...nice reference.

Nov-25-2009, 8:27pm
Yes, but does it float?

Nov-26-2009, 7:34am
and if you ever get stranded on a desert island with that mandolin you flip it around and hold it by the neck and wave it and a passing airplane would see it for many miles! :grin:

Nov-26-2009, 9:57pm
I'm liking the way the neck and the back and sides seem to be all melted into each other. That's pretty difficult to achieve, especially with a wood like quilted maple. Dang nice job...

Matt DeBlass
Nov-27-2009, 8:24am
Well, it's not to MY taste... (translation: I love it but it's not for sale and I couldn't afford it if it was)

That's an amazing-looking mandolin, I especially like the fact that it's that its such a wild grain and color scheme paired with such a traditional shape.